About Us

HD Sports Guide is a comprehensive online listing for the HDTV Sports Enthusiast.

Daily listings are provided for all live sporting events broadcast in high definition on a national network, regional sports netorks or local networks.  Local and regional HD broadcasts are largely included based on requests by individual users based upon available information.

HD Sports Guide aggregates data from numerous high definition networks and content providers.  All of the listings contained in this schedule can be confirmed on different websites, but the information is pulled together here.

Unlike many other online television schedules, our HDTV Guides are all reviewed and edited by humans for accuracy before they are published.  Listings are constantly being added and updated to our database.

We welcome your feedback about items that should be added to the guide, removed from the guide or corrected.  In addition, suggestions for improvement are always being considered.

To report an error, submit an event or make a suggestion, you can contact us.