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Sneak Peek at the World’s Largest HD Screens

The Dallas Cowboys have unveiled and began testing video on the screens. I have been watching it for the last few days as the run the testing and thought I ought to share the link. The sheer size of it is amazing. Now you can get the quality TV of watching HD from home with the stadium atmosphere, it will just cost you a pretty penny.

HD Sports News and Notes 5/19/2009

Today there are plenty of news stories in the world of HD sports. We thought it would be good to put down a few excerpts about what is happening. First and foremost the NBA Conference Finals will begin tonight.

2009 NBA Conference Finals Schedule

There will be two huge game 7s in the NBA Sunday. With the Lakers Rockets on ABC and the Celtics Magic on TNT. Now that the NBA knows how long those series will be they have set the dates and times for the rest of the NBA HD Playoffs Schedule.

No More Local TV Coverage in NBA

With a new TV deal the NBA is no longer allowing local broadcasts for second round games. Both ESPN and TNT have exclusive deals to carry the conference semifinals with no local competition.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2009 Second Round

The NHL Stanley Cup Conference Semifinals are about to get underway, and the NHL got what it wanted: Ovechkin vs. Crosby. The reseeding of the NHL produced one of the most anticipated team and player match-ups in recent history, much to the chagrin of fans in Boston and Carolina. Three games from that series as well as one game from the Chicago Vancouver series will be joined in progress and not shown in their entirety nationally.

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Schedule

After a few upsets in the Wild Card round, the Divisional Round of the 2008 NFL Playoffs is set. Starting January 10th, 4 AFC teams and 4 NFC teams face off to determine who goes on to the Championship round January 15th.

Interleague Baseball: Fox Schedule for May 17th

Fox has released its regional broadcast information for the May 17th 3:30 HD Game of the Week