Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday?

Superbowl Sunday may seem like one of the best times to go to Disneyland for a day or a long weekend, afterall everyone’s at home or a bar watching the game all day, right? Wrong.

While this was true a few years ago and you could have the park virtually to yourself that’s no longer the case thanks in part to the rumor that went around about just how empty the park is. These days what you’ll find is crowds talking about the game, crowds riding the rides and crowds just about everywhere else.

When you get down to it, there are millions of people in Southern California with annual passes and only the most basic (Southern California Select Pass) is blacked out for the day so most of them can get in. Combine that with decent weather (February tends to be fairly dry, and it’s never that cold in Anaheim), nothing else to do and you have a perfect situation for madness. That’s exactly what you get. This year, Superbowl 2018, we skipped the park but read comments online from people warning everyone to stay away with quotes like “think holiday crowds” and “insane”.

It’s possible that in a few years everything will reverse and people will all think to stay away but for the time being our advice is to find something else to do for the day and come a week earlier or later when things really are empty!




Super Bowl LII will be held on Sunday the fifth of February 2018. The event will be hosted in Minneapolis by the US Bank stadium. After nine weeks of some of the best scintillating football ever witnessed, we have a list of the four best possible contenders after reviewing their performance to date.

1. The New England Patriots

The defending champions are the favorites to retain the title. In the eight games they have played so far, they have amassed six wins and two losses, the best in the AFC.  Although they lost the opening night match against the Chiefs, their campaign seems to have gathered momentum. Their big players are back in sync and as a result, the Patriots have won four games on the trot. Tom Brady has 2541 passing yards, Mike Gillislee has 355 rushing yards and Brandon Cooks has 566 receiving yards so far this season.  Here is a closer look at the season so far.

2. The Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are definitely the surprise team of the season so far. When their campaign started no one had given them a prayer, with the bookies giving them 60-1 odds of making it to Minneapolis. They have certainly shown everyone their pedigree with eight wins and one loss, the best in the NFC. The loss came in week two away to the chiefs. After the loss, they have racked up seven wins on the trot and they don’t look like letting up. Carson Wentz has 2262 passing yards, LeGarrette Blount has 504 rushing yards and Zach Ertz has 528 receiving yards.

3. The New Orleans Saints

The Saints are the other surprise team in the league. When the season started the bookmakers gave them an 80-1 chance of making it to the super bowl. After the first two games, this seemed like an accurate assessment. But then came the win at Panthers; since then the Steelers wave racked up seven straight wins. They have the best record in the NFC South and should keep this up. Drew Brees has 2214 passing yards, Mark Ingram has 541 rushing yards and Michael Thomas has 545 receiving yards.

4. The Pittsburg Steelers

The Steelers is one of the teams that analysts at the beginning of the season thought will challenge the Patriots. They have had a solid campaign so far with seven wins and two losses, the best record in AFC North. They have won the last four games and if they keep this up, they will definitely contend for a place in the February eighth showdown. Ben Roethlisberger has 2062 passing yards, Le ‘Veon Bell has 760 rushing yards and Antonio Brown has 835 receiving yards.