10/25 ABC and ESPN 2 College Football Maps

October 22nd, 2008 at 10:41 pm by HDSportsGuide | 13 Comments

10/25 ABC and ESPN 2 College Football Maps

This week ABC will broadcast 4 College Football games simultaneously at 3:30 PM EST, but only 2 will air in High Definition. ESPN 2 will reverse mirror two of the ABC games but will only broadcast 1 in HD. Fortunately, judging from the maps everyone in the country gets at least 1 HD game Saturday at 3:30. Unfortunately, it may not be the game you want.

In the beginning of the season, ESPN said they would deliver all of the College Football games on ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN U in HD this year, but each week we’ve seen the networks fail to deliver on this promise.

This week, ABC will air Oklahoma State vs Texas in HD to a big chunk of the US, and will air Michigan State vs Michigan to the Great Lakes area. The West Coast of the US is stuck watching UCLA vs Cal in SD and the Southeast gets Virginia Tech at Florida State in SD on ABC. As for ESPN 2, they’re reverse mirroring the Michigan State vs Michigan game in HD to most of the nation while the Great Lakes will receive V. Tech vs FSU in SD.

Check the maps below to see which game ABC and ESPN 2 have decided to broadcast in your area, and if you’ll be getting the game in HD or watching it in HD or SD. Good luck.

October 25 ABC Coverage Map

ESPN 2 Coverage Map

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13 Comments for “10/25 ABC and ESPN 2 College Football Maps”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Why aren’t Big 12 games getting the reverse mirror treatment? I have more interest in OK State-Texas than in the 2 games in that time slot. Now, I have even more reason to stick w/the USF-Louisville game on the BIG EAST Network at that time (3:30 p.m. EDT).

  2. gatorhead Says:

    Absolutely horrible that they don’t put OK State-Texas on the reverse mirror nationally.
    FSU/Va. Tech and Mich/Mich. St – who cares? The ACC and Big 10 are garbage.

  3. Confused Says:

    Do viewers in Seattle really want UCLA – Cal? Or do they want Texas – OSU like just about everybody wants? We can’t even get the PAC-10 games in HD? (unless USC is playing)

  4. Chucky Says:

    The Big 12 has a cable/satellite contract with FSN. That is why ESPN cannot schedule a Big 12 game in the Reverse Mirror.

  5. Burt Says:

    The coverage map shows the UT-Okie St game as my regional game (I’m in Montana), thus the game will be blacked out on my GamePlan. However, my local affiliate is actually showing Montana St vs some other crappy JV team. So I’m paying all this money for GamePlan, yet am in the dark. Its the 3rd time this has happened this year, too. Does anyone know if there’s anyone at all to contact at ESPN about lifting blackouts? I’ve searched all over the internet and havent found a thing. They are making the decision to renew my service for next season pretty easy for me.

  6. Drew Says:

    This is getting ridiculous. Why on earth can the Worldwide Leader not air 4 simultaneous HD feeds? If it had to come to this, they could always drop the “ESPN2HD” and just air the ABCHD bottom line instead… I think most viewers would be intelligent enough to realize they were watching “ESPN on ABC on ESPN2HD.”

  7. realbbbb Says:

    2nd week of a Big 12 matchup between 2 top 15 teams which is not shown on any channel to the entire East Coast.

    Thank god for http://www.myp2pforum.eu so I can watch online.

  8. Tom Says:

    No Texas/ Oklahoma State in Arizona? I am bummed.

  9. Matt Says:

    Graphic is correct but front page is not: graphic says VT vs Florida St. is not HD but front page says it is.

  10. Kirsten Says:

    you know I CARE about the FSU/VT game. I’m happy that we get to watch it where I’m at. FSU is actually playing interesting this year!

  11. Patrick Says:

    F*cking horrible. Are you kidding me. This is an abomination.

  12. TonyD Says:

    The Big Ten game is the reverse mirror because that is in the contract with the Big Ten. It is not an arbitrary choice each week. The Big 12′s primary contract is with Fox Sports Net, not ABC/ESPN.

  13. JM Says:

    im getting the crappy SD FSU/VT game on my ABC station here, yet on ESPN they were showing highlights of it in HD, are they seriously shooting the game with HD equipment only to not broadcast it anywhere in HD? Its pretty bad when every game on ESPNU is in HD but not the ABC games.

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