8/30: ABC / ESPN College Football Coverage Map

August 27th, 2008 at 4:55 pm by HDSportsGuide | 81 Comments

8/30: ABC / ESPN College Football Coverage Map

***For ABC week one regional maps for 2009 please click here

The 2008-2009 College Football season starts Thursday and today ESPN is finalizing preparations for the weekend’s festivities. As with seasons past, ESPN is utilizing a “reverse mirror,” wherein they broadcast a different game on a different ESPN network, depending on the region. This changes the network on which a number of games will be aired, and in order to make sure we know where to find the games, ESPN emails us a detailed map of which games are on in regions around the US.

For Saturday, August 30th ESPN will be reverse mirroring both the 3:30 PM game and the 8:00 PM game. The color coded maps below show which game will be aired on ABC during each time. If the game is not on ABC in your market, it will be aired live on ESPN 2.

UPDATE 8/28: The 8 PM game will NOT be a reverse mirror. ABC will blacking out games according to market. See the Clarification Post

UPDATE 8/29: ABC 7 Chicago WILL be carrying the MSU vs Cal game on ABC 7 in Chicago. Apparently the network made the change yesterday and will now be carrying both games. Here’s the full story from ABC7Chicago.com. Maybe network execs there are devout followers of HDSportsGuide and saw the discontent amongst the HD College Football Community? We’d like to think so. Enjoy the MSU game, Chicagoland.

3:30 PM ABC/ESPN 2 Coverage Map

USC Trojans vs the Virginia Cavaliers or the Utah Utes vs the Michigan Wolverines. Click Map to Expand

NEW8:00 PM ABC and ESPN Coverage Maps

Alabama Crimson Tide vs Clemson Tigers or Michigan State Spartans vs California Golden Bears. Click Map to Expand

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81 Comments for “8/30: ABC / ESPN College Football Coverage Map”

  1. Zach Says:

    i don’t think they are reversing the 8:00pm game, ESPN and ESPN2 both have games on at that time

  2. Mike Says:

    Sooooo……..why are Minneapolis-St. Paul, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indy, Cinci, and a lot of other Big Ten markets (outside of MI, OH, and bfe Wisconsin) getting Clemson-Alabama?

    Other than ESPN trying to pimp Gameplan?

  3. Steve Says:

    I think it is pretty bogus that the Northeast has to watch Alabama/Clemson instead of a great Pac-10/Big-10 matchup. Do we have any options?

  4. Aaron Says:

    Why the hell are they showing an SEC game in Minneapolis and Chicago when Michigan State-Cal in on?

  5. sam Says:

    No Msu Vs. Cal in Illinois is absurd and gabage.

  6. Sam Says:

    How about because it’s two Top 25 teams instead a couple of middle of the pack nobodys.

  7. sloter Says:

    because espn hates the big 10 network so they are going to take every opportunity to screw with fans in the big 10 region and pump up gameplan.

  8. John Says:

    I’m so damn glad I get to see Bama Clemson in Colorado. Cal MSU is not worthy of national coverage.

  9. sloter Says:

    I could care 2 smacks about national coverage, I just can’t believe MSU isn’t being covered in most of the Big 10 region, including Chicago and Minneapolis which are some pretty big Alumni bases.

  10. Andrew Says:

    Wow, this is pathetic. ABC and ESPN must be pissed about the BTN. The only reason they won’t show the game in the areas like Chicago and Minneapolis is so people will buy gameplan.

  11. smitty Says:

    someone HAS to verify the reverse mirror. The agreement doesnt include night games normally..but it is specifically mentioned here. We all see another game scheduled to start at 7:30 eastern on espn2 and illinois/mizzou on espn…so clarify hd sports guide!! it has to be gameplan

  12. Game Plan Pimp Says:

    GamePlanPimp says….You people in the Big 10 area need to fork over some money for the ESPN GamePlan or we will continue to bombard the airwaves with hillbilly football, until your SAT scores fall to the junior college level. So appreciate our limited free broadcasts…See this is what you get for starting your own network. hahahhahahahaaaaa!!!!!

  13. Aaron Says:

    Colorado should be showing the Clemson/Bama game, but Illinois and Minnesota? It’s ABC/ESPN way to get back at the B10 due to the B10 Network.

  14. JB Says:

    ABC/ESPN is ticked off at the Big Ten Network and trying to spite the Big Ten. The sad part is how obvious theyre making it. Cal-MSU not on in Chicago, Cincy, all of PA, most of Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa. get over yourselves ABC/ESPN.

  15. Rod Says:

    ESPN/ABC do understand the demographics of the upper Midwest? Clearly another shot at the Big Ten by Mickey Mouse because of the Big Ten Network.

  16. Ryan Says:

    MSU should be on TV in Chicago. No excuses. Msu is only hours away yet they put Bama/Clemson on! UNREAL!!!!!!!!

  17. Matt Says:

    While MSU-Cal might not have the same national appeal as ‘Bama-Clemson, I do wonder why it’s not in in a big portion of Big 10 country.

    Chicago, Minnesota, Indy, and Madison all appear to be showing the SEC game.

    Good job ABC. Way to show just how clueless you are when it comes to showing sports programming.

  18. Todd Says:

    I was looking forward to watching quality Big Ten Football this weekend, and we get instead the SEC in Southern Wisconsin. What is up with that?

  19. John Says:

    Great that we in SE WI get to see an excellent Bama/Clemson game. Cal/Mich ST. not in the same league, I’m sorry.

  20. GREG Says:

    Quit Crying. Just be glad you’re getting to watch some real football instead of Cal kicking the crap out of a little 11 school.

  21. "Quality B10 football" Says:

    You are kidding — right? It’s OSU and the little 10. You get two top 25 teams with one having an outside shot at a NC. So flip the channel and watch Mizzou/Illinois.

  22. bigten87 Says:

    it is not up to espn/abc sports/Disney who sees what. it is up to the individual affiliates. If enough people in your area request a change, they can change it. They receive both feeds…its up to them what they want to air. People who work at individual affiliates could care less about the BTN and espn’s fighting.

  23. Scotty Says:

    I am a big ten guy here in Minnesota but come on I would rather see two top 25 teams play then msu and cal, no disrespect but I can watch big ten football all year on BTN and ESPN, I like to see the big time games sometimes. Remember we always get screwed out of games like OU-Texas and big time big 12 and pac ten saturday afternoon games and usually get a match-up like northwestern-ohio state instead because all of the other big ten games are down. So I am happy for once the, I’ll be it a little pathetic game of the week is on here over a big ten game I could take or leave.

  24. Rogan Says:

    give me a freaking break. there are probably more MSU alums in Chicago than any city in America (including Detroit). yet, instead of watching our local Big Ten team we are watching overated Clemson and shouldnt be ranked Bama.

    its actually funny how stupid this is

  25. scott Says:

    Who decides this stuff? We westerners want to see the Pac 10. Cal-MSU is our game. No offense, but we live here and we don’t care as much about teams from places a thousand miles away that we’ve got no connection with. I’ve been looking forward to the season opener all summer, how disappointing.

  26. Clay Says:

    Guys, it’s not ESPN’s choice on what the affiliates decide, so that’s not the travesty.

    The travesty is the fact that there is split coverage to begin with. A game as big as UA/CU to start the season on the FIRST weekend in the Georgia Dome should be a NATIONAL GAME, not regional. Conversely, the Cal/MSU game should _not_ be on the same network at the same time with split coverage. That right there is the dumb part. That game should be on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, or ABC in a different timeslot.

    Honestly, they should just make it where we can decide which game we want to see. With today’s technology, it’s completely asinine to have static regional coverage when there are fans of every school all over the country.

  27. Scotty Says:

    Here’s a quick thought why not have the Bama Clemson game on ABC and have the cal msu game on espn2 at 9:00 CST. Yeah its a little late for the east and central but everyone could see both games. But wait espn2 has NASCAR Nationwide Series racing after miss st. and la. tech, which is so much better than opening day college football…NOT

  28. Jon Says:

    If everyone read the story right they would see that both games will be on TV, the reverse mirror theory. I don’t see the big deal between ESPN and ABC, unless your cable or Dish goes out, both games will be broadcast….

  29. Joe Says:

    You guys should feel lucky that MSU vs. Cal is even on TV at all. No one wants to watch that crap, especially when there are two top 25 teams playing. LOL!

  30. HDSportsGuide Says:

    Zach, Smitty, you guys were right. It’s not a reverse mirror for the 8 o’clock game. ABC is blacking it out, and ESPN and ESPN 2 both have games scheduled. Sorry. http://www.hdsportsguide.com/news/2008/college-football-coverage-map-clarification/

  31. Bob Edwards Says:

    At least in the main BIG TEN CITIES…you should show a BIG TEN GAME!!!! Simple as that

  32. Ralph Says:

    I agree with Joe, I live in Western PA, and I don’t want to watch a lousy big ten/ pac ten matchup when a solid top 25 national game is available.

  33. john Says:

    I can not believe that there is no reverse coverage for the cal msu game. what is espn thinking? The coverage map also is badily drawn for areas served!

  34. PointnLaugh Says:

    “Hillbilly football?” You Poindexters can’t count past “10.” Besides, the SEC has some pretty good teams, just ask OSU (0-11 vs the SEC).

    Oh, has anyone mentioned the “Big 11 Network?” lol

  35. Greg Says:

    Everyone is so worked up over the ABC prime time games. I personally think the Illinois-Missouri matchup on ESPN is more interesting than these two games any way.

  36. Bean Says:

    Here’s the facts…. SEC is quality football, and is by far the toughest and elite conference in today’s college football. This is what the majority of the country would want to watch.

  37. Chucky Says:

    Contrary to #22, ABC decides which game goes to a specific area. A local station can ask the network for a different game if enough viewers contact the station.

    For Saturday night one game will air on ABC and the other on ESPN360.com/GamePlan.

  38. Dirk Dieters Says:

    Why can’t we see MSU CAL in Colorado? That’s the game we want to see.

  39. David Says:

    Nobody in the midwest or west cares about Clemson and whoever they are playing. This is not about who has the better teams or higher rankings, it is about how ESPN/ABC is shooting themselves in the foot by programming something most people are not interested outside of the south.

  40. Lou Says:

    Bean & Joe – you are flaming (in more ways than one) on an HDsports website.

    Go back to the basement after you finish taking out the trash.

  41. Big East Bobby Says:

    It is great that Alabama – Clemson is all over Big Ten (Big MAC) country. I live in Cincy and if it isn’t Big East then give me SEC or ACC.

  42. Kevin Says:

    I’m ecstatic about receiving the Alabama/Clemson game in Chicago. I’m an Iowa fan, but would much rather watch two top 25 teams with great traditions battle than two middling teams who have a goal of bowl eligibility.

  43. John Says:

    I live in Pennsylvania and I’m thrilled that I’m getting Alabama-Clemson. Usually, I’m stuck with the Big 10 no matter how boring the matchup. Thank you ESPN/ABC for giving me the better game (even if it was for evil reasons)!

  44. Gross Says:

    41 – 43 Are all fake posts by SEC homers, BTW.

  45. Jimmy Says:

    It is painfully obvious that ABC/ESPN is trying to send a message to the BTN and the midwest. The funny thing is, many other conferences are planning on adding their own networks so it will be interesting to see how ABC/ESPN handles that.

  46. Tmax Says:

    Sparty fan here in Raleigh, NC…Everyone who wants to watch the MSU game will just have to do what I do every time they are not being shown regionally and that’s go to a sports bar. Not a big deal. I can watch all the games and interact with all the regional fans. Its actually a good time. Also, funny to see how people from around the country feel like their region is the best. Truth is, most teams could beat another on any given Saturday. Bowl games dont really mean anything in terms of which conference is actually better. Of course I’m a Big Ten (11) fan so this is the rationale I have to use…
    Good luck to all the teams…have fun and Sparty On!

  47. MNBamaFan Says:

    Roll Tide from Mpls/St. Paul!!! Good to see ABC get it right.

  48. USCfootballNo1FAN Says:

    GO TROJANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT OHIO ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Mike Slive Says:

    When will you Big-10 people learn? The SEC trumps you EVERY TIME.

    The SEC just has too much speed.

  50. Charlie Says:

    Would you people stop referring to the Alabama/Clemson game as a matchup between two quality teams, Alabama has done NOTHING to deserve being ranked. Last year they stunk, and they probably will this year too.

    ESPN just wants more people to love the SEC so that their new contract works out good.

  51. Charlie Says:

    Mike, can you look up the SEC’s record vs. UM and then tell me that the SEC trumps us every time? Please?

  52. Nathan Says:

    9 – 9 SEC vs. Big Ten in bowl games over the last five years.

    Michigan all-time is 20-5-1 against the SEC

    Ohio State is 0-9 vs. SEC in bowl games

    Poster 49, you have been debunked.

  53. Mike Ocksbig Says:

    You have to be kidding me who wants to see dumb hillbillys on Alabama’s squad instead of a solid match up of Cal vs. State.. MSu is on the rise should be a great one.

  54. kershaw424 Says:

    this map is wrong. this game is not being shown in columbus. instead we get usc vs uva. it doesnt make sense

  55. Tmax Says:

    Biased prediction: MSU/Cal game is a more entertaining football game. Senior MSU QB Hoyer and RB Javon Ringer will slice and dice Cal. MSU will lead most of the game but to the delight of Pac 10 fans the home team will prevail by a last second field goal…

    On the other side Clemson destroys Alabama in a lopsided game that has most ABC viewers turning off the television…

  56. mike Says:

    Alabama is a joke the state game shoulb be on

  57. Fat Charlie the Archangel Says:

    I’m an actual college football fan, so I already HAVE GamePlan.

    My issue isn’t that I can’t see Bama/Clemson. My issue is that I can’t see it IN HD.

    But the regional coverage thing is totally silly.

    jim p.

  58. Mark Says:

    The games are all in HD

  59. Tim Says:

    Bama said “KNOCK U OUT”….ROLL TIDE!! No one wants to watch some sorry Mich ST team play a chumpy Cali team. Get real folks! SEC RULES!

  60. Ted Says:

    How about MSU making a bowl game and then there alumni can expect them to be on national television, which they’re usually on anyway when they play Ohio St., Michigan, Penn St., and Notre Dame. ESPN also covered their game against Northwestern a couple times. How much mediocrity do people in the Midwest really need to see? Maybe if the alumni supported the team more, they’d be better and Clemson/Bama wouldn’t be the better game.

  61. Ted Says:

    I know it’s supposed to be “their”…Also, the Cal game should only be within a 100-mile radius of Berkeley.

  62. Darrell Says:

    Ted, it is because Clemson and Alabama are both overrated and have nowhere near the alumni base that Cal and MSU have.

    Regardless, ABC/ESPN should show the three best games: Cal-MSU, Clemson-Alabama, and Illinois-Missouri.

  63. Vols Rule Says:

    MSU Cal game WILL be on in Chicago. ABC in Chicago announced the switch yesterday and it is all over the MSU boards.

  64. HDSportsGuide Says:

    According to the ABC 7 Chicago story, they will be covering the MSU vs Cal game on Saturday Night in HD in the Chicago area. Thanks to “Vols Rule” for the local tip.

  65. Bryan Says:

    ABC has done an outstanding job. I’m so relieved and excited to be getting the BAMA Clemson game in primetime. I live in IL and would much rather see two nationally ranked teams with storied traditions play than a team from the Big Ten who might make a minor bowl game play a west coast team.

  66. CJ Spiller Says:

    I am so happy that I get to see 2 nationally ranked teams in NY, instead of some high school quality teams like MS and Cal.

    Go Tigers!!

  67. kris Says:

    Whoever made the joke about the Big 10 not being able to count how many teams are in its conference, kudos. But still, why are you calling the Alabama and Clemson (in the South, below the mountains in the Gulf Plains) HILLbillies? You mean to say that everyone in Michigan and California has a Masters degree? If anything, you have more stupid people because of your larger populations, so don’t go trash-talking an entire region because you’re sad that your local team isn’t getting national coverage over two ranked teams. And overrated or not, it’s better than being ranked where you belong like Cal and Michigan State, which is OUT OF THE POLLS. Roll Tide.

  68. Nathan Says:


  69. kris Says:

    I’m one person, and I have only posted as myself. QUIT MAKING ACCUSATIONS!!!!!!

  70. Nathan Says:



    You are too funny Kris. Larger populations = more stupid people – BRILLIANT!!

  71. Chucky Says:

    ESPN has posted updated maps and a Reverse Mirror advisory.

  72. Jeff Says:

    I wish I understood this nonsense. Is Chicago getting the Clemson game or not?

  73. HDSportsGuide Says:

    @Jeff – Yes – Chicago is now supposed to get the game

  74. Pucky Says:

    Too bad it’s monopolized now that local stations have, for the most part, sold out to ESPN. They use to black out for local coverage and televise games out of the region. (Goodbye Jefferson-Pilot; hello PPV) :^(
    Only complaint here is ABC showing Cal-MSU on three channels, including HDTV, and Bama-Clemson on crappy PPV. Bad news for Bama alumni living in Hawai’i but better than nothing, I suppose.
    Friendly advice…if you live next door to the stadium, quit crying about TV coverage, k?

  75. Bruce from CO Says:

    As a wolverines fan living in near Denver, I’m stoked that I can watch them on espn2(maybe even ABC). Kool-Aid prediction: Rodriguz & the boys go 9 – 3. SSSSip, ahhhh.

  76. Scott Says:

    What gripes me is the hype we’ve heard all summer about ABC televising the Cal-MSU game, only to find that some other game from the east will trump it at the last minute.

    Those of us that live in the west expect the western game.

    A very sane poster suggested making the eastern game national, and that is a good idea. Then I don’t get my hopes up and there are plenty of other things to do. I am not required to watch games between teams I don’t care about.

    Those of you that believe that we should care about eastern teams should have your heads examined. We support the teams in our area. Why does that surprise or threaten you?

  77. kevin Says:

    The entire Pacific Coast has the Michigan State / Cal game. So what are you talking about?

    If you are REALLY mad about coverage “blackouts” you should pony up and buy Gameplan, instead of just griping. By my count, there ISN’T a single game that I CAN’T see this week.

    And for everyone’s information, folks in Alabama are REDNECKS, Tennessee and Kentucky claim the hillbillies. Roll Tide.


  78. Scott Says:

    kevin, there is more to the West than the Pacific coast. Get a map.

  79. David Says:

    If ABC/ESPN does not want to broadcast Penn State games then don’t do it at all. This is the second week in a row that you have cut off the game and went to another. If the fans of Purdue and Oregon and last weeks Oklahoma game wanted to see them, they would already be watching them.

    Very pissed off Penn State fan.

  80. barbara Says:

    I agree David, this is the second time that ABC/ESPN cuts off the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter. The worse part is that they stop covering the Penn State game while showing the other game on TWO stations….Get your act together ABC/ESPN.

  81. brent husker Says:

    neb vt was to play on abc hd but no we watch shitty ILL and the juice not oj

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