2009 NBA Finals Schedule in HD Set

May 15th, 2009 at 9:16 am by HDSportsGuide | 14 Comments

2009 NBA Finals Schedule in HD Set

ABC will be carrying every game of the 2009 NBA finals, since the dates and times have been announced, we thought we would post them just for your information.

The NBA Finals will begin on June 4th and we will be updating this schedule as the teams earn their way into the NBA finals.

For home court advantage in order of best record it goes: Cleveland, Los Angeles, Boston Orlando. Denver will not have home court but they are playing so well right now who knows what will happen. Denver is done but they had a very good season, and are quite scary for next season.

Orlando finished off the Cavaliers so it is now set with a Lakers Magic finals.

**Update** Our contact at ESPN just confirmed that the only way the dates and times could change is if both conference finals end in five games.

**Second Update** The Nuggets blew out the Lakers in game 4 so that series is going to go a minimum of 6 games so these dates are solid.

Search Results
6/4/2009 9:00 PM NBA Finals Game 1
Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers
ABC (720p)
6/7/2009 8:00 PM NBA Finals Game 2
Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers
ABC (720p)
6/9/2009 9:00 PM NBA Finals Game 3
Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic
ABC (720p)
6/11/2009 9:00 PM NBA Finals Game 4
Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic
ABC (720p)
6/14/2009 8:00 PM NBA Finals Game 5
Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic
ABC (720p)
6/16/2009 9:00 PM NBA Finals Game 6
Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers
ABC (720p)
6/18/2009 9:00 PM NBA Finals Game 7
Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers
ABC (720p)
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14 Comments for “2009 NBA Finals Schedule in HD Set”

  1. Paulsen Says:

    The times are incorrect. Games 2 and 5 start at 8 PM ET; the rest of the games start at 9 PM ET.

  2. HDSportsGuide Says:

    The times have been updated.

  3. Fay Says:

    I cannot find anywhere else on the web, especially nba.com, where these dates and times have been confirmed? Have you got a reference from the nba? Thanks.

  4. HDSportsGuide Says:

    They were pulled from ESPN. They had some old times on their site earlier then they were updated thanks to the tip from Paulsen. I changed the name of the post to move it to tentative just in case there are any changes, but this is what the ESPN Schedule has right now.

  5. Jim Says:

    When someone asks for confirmation, they are not asking for your best effort explanation, they want a link. I went to ESPN, and I can’t find it. In fact under the tab at ESPN.com labled “schedule” it has no dates scheduled in June.

    Please provide a link.

  6. Jim Says:

    And just the fact that you’re moderating the comment section on this page tells me you’re full of @#$!, and you’re just making this @#$! up.

  7. HDSportsGuide Says:

    It’s from ESPN MediaZone. This is just what is on their media website schedule right now. Sorry that was not clear in the prior post. The integrity of the guide is why this website is a trusted resource and is still around. The information was just posted as we found it.

    And yes the comments are moderated to avoid spam and profanity. Quite honestly it would be easier to not moderate the comments but there would be spam and inappropriate material. If there is a better solution let us know and we’ll start doing it.

  8. Matt Says:

    Having 2 days off between games is ridiculous. Hell, hockey even plays back to back nights! I can’t wait to watch all the commercials, oh boy.

  9. mark Says:

    Once again…why would you start the games so late…. and why no friday or saturday nights…. makes no sense!!!

  10. SG Says:

    No Friday & Sat games beacuse they are the least watched nights on TV….Sunday & Thursdays are 1 & 2

  11. LW Says:

    You didn’t even mention Orlando Magic in the home court advantage discussion above (and Boston is no longer in the playoffs). Orlando Magic is in this to win it!! We are beating the Cavs 3-1 currently. You could at least give us some recognition.

  12. ACSC Says:

    Ok LW, why would Orlando be in it for any other reason but to “win it”???? We’ll be waiting for you guys on 6/4 in LA ( unless of course Lebron pulls a couple of rabbits out of his hat over the weekend….) GO LAKERS!! you know the ones with 14 NBA Championships to their credit ( I bring this up for the benefit of the other 3 remaining teams who combined have won, ah let me think…huh….oh yeah…zero ).

  13. tin013 Says:

    hi!do anyone of you know some hd streams for the games?

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