ABC/ESPN Regional Map for October 17

October 14th, 2009 at 2:05 pm by HDSportsGuide | 18 Comments

ABC/ESPN Regional Map for October 17

There will be four games on ABC this weekend. On ABC the games are Minnesota at #14 Penn State (44%) Texas Tech at #15 Nebraska (20%) California at UCLA (18%) and NC State at Boston College (28%).

ESPN will have the reverse mirror with the Big Ten game in HD as always. Texas Tech at Nebraska will be in the SD reverse mirror going to 44% of the country.

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18 Comments for “ABC/ESPN Regional Map for October 17”

  1. tracy Says:

    As a once long time subscribber to Gameplan, I will never order it again until all the games are in HD. Or at least all the games that matter=big time college football.

  2. tracy Says:

    As a once long time subscribber to Gameplan, I will never order it again until all the games are in HD. Or at least all the games that matter=big time college football. the SD should be called sub sd.

  3. Maha Says:

    Why do they keep thinking that New York is Big 10 (big 11) country? Every chance they get, that’s what they shove down our throats!!

  4. Brian Says:

    This BS of putting the Big 10 on everywhere is getting old. And TX Tech at Nebraska – unwatchable. Finally, this is the last year I buy Gameplan – every game on Gameplan is on 360 for free and you can just connect computer to your TV to project it. The Gameplan games are also in such horrible quality, it is insane – if Gameplan gave the games in HD (rather than SD on 360) then it would be worth it.

  5. Dave Says:

    I agree, there should be more HD. But TTech @ Nebraska is definitely not unwatchable. It all depends on what teams you follow; Leach is an entertainer with a high-powered offense facing a quality Nebraska D. What other game are you looking for that won’t be covered by another station? Definitely sad to see Big 10 garbage on week in/week out though.

  6. Dave Says:

    It’s Penn State. That’s why the game is going to NYC. If it were Iowa vs Wisconsin, another game would probably shown there.

    Hey, are you really going to watch ABC this week when USC-Notre Dame is on NBC at 3:30.

    The other marquee game Texas-OK is at noon.

    And no ABC night game because of NASCAR? Please.

  7. Andy Says:

    The Big Ten has the largest & most loyal following. That’s they get good TV coverage and ridiculous bowl tie-ins. Unfortunately the rest of us are stuck watching thier crappy games.

  8. Maha Says:

    If the Penn State game is that important, then it should be shown at 8 PM, and not 3:30. To hell with the NASCAR race.

  9. Brian Says:

    the amount complaining on this website every week is astonishing. the fact that most of it is based on completely wrong assumptions is just more staggering.

    1. there is no 8 PM game on ABC this week because the #1 ABC team (Herbstreit and Musburger) will be doing the noon game nationally. That game is always played at noon every year, and they wont move it for ABC (good for the Red River Shootout!). So ABC gives in and changes it up and has a nationally televised game at noon eastern (not what ABC would want at all). It has nothing to do with Nascar.

    2. what game would you like to have on in NY?? 2 unranked PAC-10 teams (yeah lots of demand for that in NY)?? middle of the road and bottom of the pack ACC teams facing off?? those games are junk!! Penn St and Minn are by far the best 2 teams playing out of all 8 that ABC has at 3:30, much less the best game that will be played. You could be stuck with a lot worse. and yes, there are more Penn St fans in NY than any of those other teams, get over it. The Big 10 is crap, but wait until you’re stuck watching the ACC like we are in New England. Then you’ll see really crappy.

    ohh and thanks to the website for the all info. It was impossible to find week in and week out until this site came around.

  10. Tim A. Says:

    It is really frustrating to always (F-ing ALWAYS) have to have the f-ing little 10 shoved down my throat. What in the f**k makes ESPN think us on the West Coast give a rodent’s back side about Penn State and Minn? Come on… I thought it was supposed to be split regional coverage. Just in case ESPN doesn’t know how to read a map, Nebraska and Texas are both farther west than Penn and Minn (okay, most of Nebraska is farther west than most of Minn). Why in the f**k do they think we want to watch another boring little 10 game? That conference has been largley insignificant for the last 50 years. Come on ESPN, get your collective heads out of your collective a$$es, and show us a game of interest. That Shefiled kid throws for about a million yards a game and Suh at Nebraska is probably the best player in college football right now. So T-Tech v Nebraska is the far better match-up this week. ESPN…once again…YOU SUCK!!!!!!

  11. Jason Says:

    It’s incredible how jealous people are of the Big Ten. At least it’s not the ACC.

    Go Gophers!

  12. ron Says:

    nobody is jealous of the big ten, its just that te big ten simpliy isnt as good as the acc or even the miserable Big East, let alon the SEC or BIG 12

  13. RSR Says:

    I don’t really care which games the Mouse decides (is contractually obligated) to show where. What I want is access to the other games in HD. I’d be willing to pay for that–probably.

    Snow in Happy Valley might make the Penn State game more enticing.

  14. RSR Says:

    great…so the noon game runs long, ABC runs a promo saying you can find your 3:30 game on x,y,z, but it’s still blacked out by directv!

  15. cdmcg Says:

    At least they didnt dangle the hd broadcast of the game you want to watch and once the ok v texas game ends the black out the signal. I dont get why they were broadcasting the husker game in florida in hd and then shut it off.

  16. RSR Says:

    @cdmcg: yeah, that’s bad too. I knew that was coming for certain viewers…that they would get ‘downgraded’ as some sort of homage to local broadcast windows.

    I totally get regional broadcast rights, and commercial interests and so on. Give us access to the HD broadcasts, even if by subscription or PPV, and a lot of this discussion goes away.

    Broadcast rights have barely caught up with technology that enables nationwide transmission. Now we have the HD aspect, which broadcasters are even further behind on delivering due to broadcast rights inertia.

    It’s just frustrating that it’s legal and contractual hurdles, not the technology, that’s holding it back. All these games are already produced in HD and available to all the providers. Find a way to sell them to me!!!

  17. Hymie Says:

    Rah, rah, sis, boom, bah–go TDJ.

  18. wojacks Says:

    Do we have a map for 10-24-09 as of yet? Need to see if ABC West Coast is airing Texas vs Mizzou at 6pm PST??? Thanks. And do they just make these hard to find so you’ll buy gameplan, me thinks yes.

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