ABC/ESPN Regional Map for September 26

September 23rd, 2009 at 12:30 pm by HDSportsGuide | 45 Comments

ABC/ESPN Regional Map for September 26

The ABC regional map has been released for September 26. The featured game of the week will be #9 Miami at #11 Virginia Tech with 54% of the country getting that game. The other games are Illinois at #13 Ohio State with 24% and #6 California at Oregon being shown to 22%.

This week the reverse mirror will be on ESPN which is a change from previous weeks. What is not different from previous weeks is the fact that because of the contract that the Big Ten has with ESPN the best game of the week will be in standard definition unless you live in the viewing area for that game.

For a list of all the maps as they are released click here. We will update that page every week so bookmark it if you are interested in seeing the map every week.

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45 Comments for “ABC/ESPN Regional Map for September 26”

  1. Michael Says:

    That’s twice now that the VT game which is a good matchup will not be in HD. ESPN you are killing me. This is the bext matchup of the week.
    Way better than the PSU UI for the gameday game.

    Get your act together…

  2. Ben Says:

    Agreed! This is pitiful ESPN! Second week in a row that the Hokies have the Game of the Week, yet get turded on!

    Even your own employees have been saying it all week on ES[EC]PN!

    Very disappointing!

  3. Eric Says:

    Pathetic…Iowa/PSU is a boring Big 10 game…Miami/VT is clearly the game of the week. Who is making these decisions?

  4. Tony Says:

    Awwww … what’s the matter Chokie fan? A little cranky that the artist formerly known as VTSPN has a new favorite?

  5. Christian Says:

    uhmmm get over it cHokies….You had to pull one out at home for God’s sake. What are you guys like 1-25 against top 10 teams. Oh and get an offense!

  6. Richard Says:

    Apparently, the Big Ten has a long term contract with ABC/ESPN that if the Big Ten area game is not on regional where you live, you get the Big Ten region game on ESPN. Which is fine with me as a fan of the conference, but not all would be happy.

  7. Mike Says:

    So what game will be on ESPN HD in the yellow territory?

  8. The Train Says:

    I’m in Seattle w/Comcast.

    I know ABC will be Oregon/CAL. So do I read it right and understand that we get to see a thrilling big 10+1 matchup of Illinois vs. OSU?

  9. SF Hokie Says:

    SERIOUSLY? ESPN isn’t going to show #9 vs #11. I hope the other 2 games are blow-outs and suck b/c your coverage certainly does!
    And to all you Hokie-haters…a Win is a Win!

  10. John Says:

    Tony and Christian:
    Both Iowa and Penn St. would get their @$$es handed to them if they played either Va Tech or Miami. You know it, I know it and so does everybody else. That ESPN would put the Big 10 matchup on in HD is rediculous. As an SEC fan I would much rather watch Miami & Vt in standard def than Iowa & Penn State in HD. So would the majority of the country and the ratings will bear me out.

  11. j shell Says:

    What, I can’t see Matt Barkley this week? He’s so freaking good!

  12. Skyler Says:

    I’m not sure what map some of you are looking at. The first is for ABC, the second for ESPN. The VT-UM game is on (and in HD) for a large section of the country on ABC. For the portion of the country that sees OSU-ILL on ABC, the VT-UM game will be on ESPN. The western US won’t be able to see the VT-UM game, however, but that’s why it is regional coverage.

  13. txcanes Says:

    The western US won’t be able to see the VT-UM game, however, but that’s why it is regional coverage.
    You are missing the point – the whole nation will see Illini vs Ohio State – even though it is regional coverage. They should have modified the reverse mirror coverage – but went with the bigger conference draw instead of the better game.

  14. Michael Says:

    Yeah, I do need to get over myself.

    I was so pumped to see that awesome Arizona Iowa game last week, that I forgot that the Hokies won.

    Last time I checked, a win is a win. We bend but we don’t break.

  15. sanks Says:

    ACC is OVERRRRRATEEDDDD neither of these teams will be ranked when the season is over!!!

  16. Hey Hey Says:

    stupid question, so in Chicago I will get the UM/Vt game, just not in HD, correct?

  17. caneinla Says:

    So if I am in LA, I won’t get the UM/VT at all? I have directv and it lists the espn alternate channels — any chance I could see it there? Or would I have to get gameplan?

  18. Michael Says:


    The ESPN alternate channels should get you the game.

    Best of luck, it’s going to be a good one hopefully.

  19. HDSportsGuide Says:

    The ESPN alternate channels will not get the game. The only way to get the VT Miami game on the west coast will be through ESPN GamePlan.

    On the ACC being overrated, I strongly disagree. I was on the front row at the BYU FSU game and although BYU played their worst game of the year, FSU put them into a lot of those bad positions. Miami is playing really good right now, and has done a lot more that any other team in the country at this point by beating two ranked teams. Virginia Tech beat Nebraska who could be playing in the Big XII title game.

    The bottom of the conference is maybe the worst of any of the Automatic Qualifying conferences, but I definitely do not think the ACC is overrated, at least at the top.

  20. brian Says:

    ABC/ESPN have a contract with the Big Ten to show their games. This is why Illini-OSU is on nationwide. The ACC needs to get off their a** and make a contract with a network to get coverage. SEC and Big ten have done that, hence they get all their games on tv.

  21. Tom Says:

    The PSU/IOWA game i would take them against either the hokies or canes anyday,they would mop up the field with them.Take that Big Ten haters!

  22. Karl Says:

    Hey Tom,
    Can’t wait to watch PSU get waxed by Michigan this year. The only thing better would be to see them helplessly trying to chase Tyrod Taylor all over the field, lol!

  23. Eric Says:

    Hey Karl,
    I don’t know if you know this, but Tyrod Taylor is a terrible QB.

  24. Ryan Says:

    I could give a damn about HD. I just want to see the rematch from last year of Penn State and Iowa when Iowa knocked PSU out of the BCS title picture.

    I only watch games involving Top 5 to 10 teams

  25. Joe Says:

    The Big Ten has the largest national following. That’s why that conference has the best TV package. If you have ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and Big Ten Network, than you can see every single Big Ten game, no matter where you live, in HD (except the rare occurance of a Big Ten team playing a lousy non-conference road game).

    If ABC/ESPN thought that there would be higher long-term demand for ACC games nationally, then the ACC would have the best contract instead.

    If you’re a Virginia Tech fan on the West Coast, or you want to be sure that you can always see the 3:30 ESPN/ABC game that you want to see in HD, then suck it up and get Gameplan.

  26. Dave Says:

    Since the Big 10 Network came into existence, Big 10 games are no longer part of ESPN’s Game Plan. That includes the game ABC would televise each week. Prior to last season, those games were available on ESPN Plus.

    In other words, if you are a Big 10 fan living outside the area where the game would be shown on ABC affiliates, you would have no opportunity to see the game if ESPN didn’t make it available on the mothership, 2, or U. Since U isn’t as widely distributed, the game ends up on the mothership or 2.

    Iowa at Penn State was chosen as the national night game weeks ago,

  27. Marc Says:

    Other than fans of those specific teams (OSU, Ill, Cal, OR) I cannot imagine ANY college football fan who wouldn’t prefer to watch Miami-VT.
    But I will say that I find it funny how VTech fans think the Miami game is a “rivalry”, but if you talk to Canes’ fans, it’s really just another ACC game.

  28. John L Says:

    So is the “reverse mirror” feed really going to be HD in the blue shaded areas this season? It’s been my experience that even though the map says/shows it’s HD, I still get it in SD only on Comcast.

  29. Wanderingbuckeye Says:

    Your grammar and spelling are so exemplary, I would venture that you are not only an SEC fan, but a graduate of one of those fine junior colleges. Whe you come over to clean my pool, you can watch the Buckeyes with me in HD all the way out here in CO.

  30. jeremy Says:

    say what you will…

    but BigTen fans are fanatical

    I went into downtown chattanooga last week to watch my buckeyes, and much to my surprise, the whole place was full of buckeyes… they had 10-1 representation over everyone.. that includes Tn, Ala, Ga, and the other regional teams.

    I was sitting at the bar next to a Purdue fan.

    the point being that Ohio State fans, and bigten fans in general, will go out of their way to watch EVERY game of their favorite team.

    conversely, tennessee was playing Fla that afternoon and when I left the bar(about 4pm), there were about 3 Tenn fans in the entrie place.

    It doesn’t matter who the bigten teams are playing, if they’re expected to win, or if they’re in a state 400 miles away.. they ARE GOING to find a way to watch their team.. these network bohemoths know this, and that is why…

    and even though Vatech Miami is a great rivarly, and that’s an improtant game in the national scope – it’s between two teams that lie in areas of regional media basements…. how many ppl live in blacksburg..?(don’t get me wrong I love blacksburg). how many fans do they have nationwide? How many Miami fans go to their own games? I won’t even glimpse over to see the score – all I care about is my buckeyes… and there are 10 million bucks fans that feel exactly the same way.

  31. Marc Says:

    Aren’t Buckeyes fans still embarrassed that the only way they can win a Title is by paying players and Terry Porter….This is further proven by OSU’s awful bowl showings after the Fiesta Bowl….It’s like selling your soul to the Devil.

  32. Marc Says:

    PS Terry Porter should be in the OSU Hall of Fame, considering he was the most pivotal person involved with OSU winning the “national title”

  33. Urbana Stew Says:

    “So would the majority of the country and the ratings will bear me out.”

    Actually, the ratings will bear out the ABC/ESPN executives. Thats all they care about.

    It doesn’t matter to ABC/ESPN how good a game it is, they are going to show the game with the best target audience. That happens to be the Big Ten fanbase.

    I know I’ll be watching OSU v. IL and PSU v. Iowa, and ignoring VT v. Miami.

  34. Cryami Sucks Says:

    Marc, get a grip. “Waaaaah, that was pass interference!” Never mind the missed holding calls and incorrect incompletion call on our 3rd and 6 with 2 minutes left in the game that would have allowed us to run out the clock with a 17-14 lead. Face it, your punk-@$$ ‘Canes got their @$$3$ handed to them by a “big, slow, plodding” Big Ten team, and haven’t been the same since.

    Karma is a b!tch.

  35. Marc Says:

    Ever notice how defensive OSU fans are when you bring up the truth? It’s okay, we’ll have 3 more Titles before you win another….What is Tressel’s record in Bowl Games since then?
    and the “haven’t been the same since” line is true up until this year. But who woulda thought that Miami would be ranked ahead of USC and Ohio St at this point? Plus, after the Miss loss, possible slips by Cal, LSU, and Penn St, we should be in the top 5 after we destroy the Hokies…The OU game will be tough, but hey, I’ll take the direction this team is going over the direction OSU is anyday.

    1 Florida (55) 3-0 1488
    2 Texas (2) 3-0 1428
    3 Alabama (3) 3-0 1390
    4 Mississippi 2-0 1213
    5 Penn State 3-0 1212
    6 California 3-0 1169
    7 LSU 3-0 1120
    8 Boise State 3-0 1038
    9 Miami (FL) 2-0 920
    10 Oklahoma 2-1 862
    11 Virginia Tech 2-1 852
    12 USC 2-1 825
    13 Ohio State

  36. Marc Says:

    Plus, the Big 10 is boring and slow, which is why they tend to put out alot of busts at the skill positions (just thinking about how awful Ted Ginn is)….Big 10 schools are good for OL, but if you go after a skill or “speed” position from the Big 10, you will be dissapointed. Theres just not that much speed up there…. Usually the fastest guy on a PSU, OSU, or Mich team would be the 5th or 6th fastest at a SEC or ACC school…Especially the Fla schools.

  37. Jason Says:

    Marc, check the NFL rosters for WRs and DBs from OSU. Check the NFL rosters by college team, and you will see OSU in the top 5.

    Plus, OSU’s best talent is made up of Frosh and Sophs… Oh wait, Shannon calls them “Freshmens.”

    See you in Ohio Stadium next season, and get this, the stadium will be full.

  38. Marc Says:

    Well, considering that Archie Griffin was the single biggest NFL Bust of all time…..

  39. Marc Says:

    …and yes, there are plenty of guys, like Ted Ginn, who cannot catch a pass to save his life and always runs out of bounds on NFL Rosters….But look at the best ones…I mean the really true superstars like Frank Gore (had a decent week), Andre Johnson, Ed Reed, Devin Hester, Antrel Rolle, Reggie Wayne, etc….yeah I know y’all got Gonzalez, Santonio, Jenkins, Winfield, etc…But most are more along the lines of Robiskie, Hartline, Roy Hall, Donnie Nickey….But like I said, I’ll take Nick Mangold, O Pace, Will Smith, Vrabel, Hawk, etc if I want a OSU or Big 10 player.

  40. Dave Says:

    I’m actually sitting in PA and am planning watching Cal-Oregon. See if Jahvid Best can run all over Oregon like he did at Minnesota. May be the best player in the country. And am very excited for the USC game next week. I think Miami has taken steps in the right direction to becoming the Miami of old. I didn’t care for their “thuggery” but they could play. Expect win at VA Tech, and it may not be close. If OSU doesn’t run over the Illini, they are seriously flawed.

  41. andrew Says:

    So sweet.

    The U is back!

    And to the fan above trying to imply Miami has thugs, check our University rankings in U.S. News and compare those to that of OSU.

    Not even close…Just like the score will be next year when the U comes into Ohio Stadium and puts a hurting on you like no one ever before…

    Can’t wait to see the pathetic Ohio population look even more depressed than they already do.

    IT’S ALL, ABOUT, THIS U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Dcm210 Says:

    I’m a UGA fan living in FL. I get the VT-MIA game in HD on my local ABC. but I would like to see the California @ Oregon game in HD. too bad ESPN Gameplan isn’t in HD. ESPN in HD is 720p and there supposed to be the world wide leader in sports.

  43. Dave Says:

    Didn’t make myself clear. I was referencing the thuggery of the past, during the Jimmy Johnson days.

    Yes…it’s certainly more about the “U” than the “horseshoe.”

  44. BS Says:

    This is garbage. Live in P’gh and have OSU/ILL on ABC, ESPNNews simulcast on ESPN, and no access to ESPN-U… SO no Mia/VaTech, no Cal/Oregon, and not even Pitt/NCState… What crap

  45. Jason Says:

    Hey Marc… Hope you’re enjoying that Miami/V-Tech game LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

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