3:30 Eastern ABC Map ESPN Reverse Mirror

October 27th, 2010 at 12:53 pm by HDSportsGuide | 38 Comments

3:30 Eastern ABC Map ESPN Reverse Mirror

Another weekend and another slate of good games. Nebraska and Iowa have to be setting a record with three straight 3:30 PM ABC regional games. The interesting thing is that they are so close to each other that parts of each state do not get the game of the team from their state on ABC. This week both games on ABC involve two ranked teams #5 Michigan State at #18 Iowa and #6 Missouri at #14 Nebraska. The only question is which game will be in HD in the reverse mirror.

If I were a fan of either team, I would want my team to go to less of the country on ABC, so I could be in the reverse mirror on ESPN HD. My prediction is that Missouri will be riding high off their upset of Oklahoma last week, and will get more of the country on ABC, thus putting them in SD to the rest of the country. I could be wrong about that though. Let me know in the comments if you have a prediction.

***Update MSU at Iowa is going to 77% of the country on ABC, so if they follow their recent history, it will be available only in Standard Definition on ESPN.

Also, here are the links for the full HD college football schedule, the 3D college football schedule, and the college football map central.

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38 Comments for “3:30 Eastern ABC Map ESPN Reverse Mirror”

  1. Mike Says:

    I was thinking that since each game features an undefeated team, they would split the coverage right down the middle of the country. Thus, since the Eastern part of the country has more people than the Western does, that would make the MSU-Iowa game in SD on ESPN.

  2. Malik Says:

    I thought they were both in HD. ABCHD & ESPNHD. Primary maket getting ABC secondary ESPN???? Correct.

  3. Mike Says:

    ESPN can only broadcast one game in HD, thus the other game (also known as alternate feed) is in SD. With two games, there are two ABC feeds (both in HD) and two ESPN feeds (one in HD, the other in SD).

  4. Malik Says:

    Gotcha. Thanks.

    Explains alot and I actually thought I had it finally figured out. Thanks.

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  6. mmwatkin Says:

    Why can’t both games be in HD for the reverse mirror? I thought the SD mirror was only if there were three games.

  7. Mike Says:

    As mentioned before, ESPN can only provide one feed in HD. So, here is the breakdown:

    ABC feed (in HD)
    ESPN feed (in HD and SD)

    ABC feed (in HD)
    ESPN feed (only in SD – also known as the ESPN alternate feed)

    If watching on DirecTV, USC-Oregon is on ESPN HD/SD channel 206. the MSU-Iowa game is on ESPN alt-SD channel 210. Blackout restrictions apply (meaning you will only get the game that in NOT available on your local ABC affilite).

    If watching on cable, your cable company will pick up the corresponding feed depending on your location. If it’s the USC-Oregon feed, you will get it in both HD and SD. If it’s the MSU-Iowa game, you will only get it in SD and HD station will be blacked out (or will be substituted with ESPN news).

  8. Ryan Says:


    By USC-Oregon, you mean Nebraska-Mizzou, right?

  9. Mike Says:

    @ Ryan: yes, you are correct. I was getting the 3:30 and 8PM games mixed up.

  10. HDSportsGuide Says:

    @Ryan I fixed it just so it is clear.

    @Mike Exactly right.

  11. SC Says:

    My Q is: why do they even have the effing reverse mirror to begin with if there are only 2 games on ? Why cant they just put one game on ABC the other on ESPN, both in HD for the entire country? Doesnt it seem as though that might make for happier viewing audience across the country? I am beginning to despise ESPN, I wish they would just cut their B10 contract and allow the B10 network to service every game..

  12. Scott Says:

    I’m pretty sure that they use the reverse mirror format because not everyone has cable/satellite so some people still rely on the over-the-air feeds from their local ABC stations. This way the people can (usually) receive their local team without having to have access to cable.

    Of course with the proximity of Iowa-Nebraska-Missouri there are parts of those states that receive feeds from ABC stations across state lines. However, a lot of those places are likely rural enough that they are isolated from being able to receive the OTA signal and rely on satellite anyway.

  13. Mike Says:

    @ SC: the reason they have the reverse mirror is because of contracts with the conferences. Yes, it makes sense to have one game nationally televised on ABC, with the other nationally televised on ESPN. However, each conference has a contract with ABC to air x number of games on ABC. Thus, it would take an amendment or complete re-write of the contracts for that to happen.

    In addition, there are many times when ABC has three (or 4) regional games, and in those situations the reverse mirror provides more games to people.

  14. SC Says:

    Thank you, I do appreciate the explanations.. I dont remember bandwidth being an issue in years past? Havent they been able to show 2 different games on ESPN in different parts of the country concurrently in previous years? I seem to recall, at the very least, utilizing ESPN2 for overflow in similar instances – Has something changed? And moreover, do you see this SD mirror continuing next year..? Last year the BTN definitely had multiple games on, in HD, simultaneously, I am quite surprised ESPN doesn’t have the same capacity..

    Also, I find it odd that the folks at ESPN/ABC go to such great lengths to placate fans who do no own cable? This is quite a small portion of the country who probably do not watch much TV to begin with and don’t pay the networks any money for the programming they do watch. I cant see why they would compromise their programming quality to such a large portion of their (paying) viewing audience to sate these select few individuals who, essentially, arent even their customers…?

  15. Mike Says:

    @ SC: yes, they have had the ability to show different games on ESPN to different parts of the country in the past, but never more than one on HD at a time. Yes, I’m sure they will use reverse mirrors in the future…the issue is when they can provide multiple games on ESPN in HD at the same time.

    As for the BTN, I’m not sure how the whole reason, but the BTN is certainly newer than ESPN, so when they build their studios I’m sure they built it with the ability to broadcast multiple games in HD. Also, remember that the ESPN studios do have multiple HD events at the same time…ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, ESPNNews HD, ESPNU HD.

  16. Ellie Says:

    None of this makes sense. Can someone tell me if the Nebraska Missouri game is broadcast in the Jacksonville area and on what channel.

  17. Ellie Says:

    Thanks. Now I can plan that party!

  18. Mark Says:

    Where can we get the Nebraska-Missouri game in the Phoenix market on Dish? Last week was completely confusing!!!!!

  19. Ryan Says:

    If you look at the red and blue Nebraska-Mizzou map, it has you in the red for Phoenix, which says Dish Network Ch 140. The Nebraska game was not part of the reverse mirror last week so not available at all in Phoenix.

  20. Ryan Says:

    That is not available on regular ABC/ESPN, would have required espn3.com or gameplan.

  21. Ryan Says:

    And in Jacksonville, MS, you are in the blue, which means on ABC.

  22. Ryan Says:

    Or Jacksonville, FL, in the red, so on ESPN.

  23. Chris Says:

    Why can’t DirectTV send both ABC HD feeds to all of its HD subscribers?

  24. Joel Says:

    I am confused. My Dir TV guide shows Iowa/Mich St on our ABC affiliate in Des Moined. ESPN HD shows Iowa Mich St/Iowa or Nebraska/Missouri. The Alternate ESPN Channel (210) shows Iowa/Mich St. So what channel are the Huskers On?


  25. Jerry Maurice Says:

    I live in Phoenix and a Husker fan. I hate it when ABC televises the NU games because we never get it on cable in the Phoenix area.

    NU & Tigers would be watched by more than double over M State & Iowa.

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  27. huskerfaniniowa Says:

    so i will get the nebraska game on channel 140 on dish network correct…..i live in central/eastern iowa area

  28. Mike Says:

    @ Chris: DirecTV has no authorization to provide someone with two different ABC feeds. They can only provide you with the local feed from your local ABC affilite.

    @ Joel: if your DirecTV guide says you will get Iowa/Mich St on your ABC affiliate, then you will get Nebraska/Missouri on ESPN HD (206) and channel 210 will be blacked out. I don’t know why direcTV lists both games on ESPN HD (ch 206), that’s incorrect. I think it has to do with the way ESPN provides the schedules to DBS/cable providers.

  29. Scot Says:

    Can someone explain this: I’m in Denver. Last weekend the MSU/Northwestern game was supposed to be on DirecTV channel 210. But my screen said the game was blacked out. MSU/Northwestern was not on ABC or ESPN, so I couldn’t watch it from home. Anyone else have channel 210 blacked out? I didn’t call DirecTV CS because I fled for the nearest bar to watch the game. I am worried that MSU/Iowa will be blacked out on channel 210 again tomorrow. Thoughts?

  30. bugeater Says:

    @ Scot: MSU@NU was on ESPN 206 HD. I watched the whole game on DirecTV at my house. If you are in Denver, you will get the MSU@UI game in SD on 210.

    Next week you will get the Neb@ISU game on ABC and probably the Big 10 game on ESPN. The Nebraska game will probably not be on reverse mirror as Iowa State has even fewer fans than Missouri nationwide, and there will be three games on at 3:30 ET (Big 12, Big Ten, and ACC)

  31. bugeater Says:

    Oh, never mind about the last sentence I wrote. MattSarzsports.com has Nebraska @ Iowa St. on ESPN2 for the part of the country not carrying it on ABC next week.

  32. Scot Says:

    @ bugeater: I don’t have HD. Last week I had Neb/OK.State on ABC and Clemson/GTech on ESPN (206) and MSU/Iowa was supposed to be on 210. Like I said above, channel 210 was blacked out here in Denver.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had channel 210 blacked out. I’ve never seen that before. Anyone know why?

  33. Scot Says:

    Sorry, I meant MSU/Northwestern in the first part of my last reply. I meant to write “Last week I had Neb/OK.State on ABC and Clemson/GTech on ESPN (206) and MSU/Northwestern was supposed to be on 210.”

  34. Ryan Says:


    MSU/Northwestern was at noon eastern, while the Neb/OK state and Clemson/GTech were at 3:30 eastern.

  35. Ryan Says:

    Oops, you said you got the Nebraska/OK St. game on ABC, sorry about that, not sure why your 210 was blacked out then, but if it wasn’t, it was Wisconsin/Iowa.

  36. Scott Says:


    My DirecTV guide says the same in Chicago. From past weeks when it was similarly confusing the game on 210 (ESPN SD) was actually only available on the ABCHD station (like expected) and the game on 206 (though it doesn’t specify which game on the guide) WILL be the game NOT on ABC (and it is in HD).

    Basically, it works out as Mike says but the DirecTV guide is just rather ambiguous for some reason.

  37. Scot Says:

    @ bugeater & Ryan:

    I am an IDIOT! You guys are right. Maybe I had too many beers last Saturday? Anyway, it was the 3:30pm Eastern time slot that I was having problems with. I DID see the MSU/NU game at noon. It was the Wisc/Iowa game at 3:30 that I couldn’t watch! Here in Denver, Wisc/Iowa was only showing on DirecTV channel 210, but it was blocked out. That was the problem.

    Anyway, sorry for all the confusion. My original question is still the same, though. Why was my channel 210 blacked out? Anyone experience the same thing?

  38. Hawk in Texas Says:

    I read through the comments above, and maybe I missed it, but can someone clarify the following? Is the issue with the reverse mirror and ESPN HD/SD that ESPN itself does not possess the ability to broadcast more than one game on ESPN HD, or that there is some sort of contractual/NCAA/other rule or requirement that prohibits them from broadcasting more than one game on ESPN HD?

    As an Iowa fan in Texas, I’m starting to get annoyed by being pre-empted by Nebraska games that no one in this state cares about, because I promise you they only watch their own teams down here. Most people here don’t even know where Nebraska is! (And yes I realize this is Big 12 country and that is why I get Nebraska games, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.)

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