ABC College Football Regional Map 11/20 8:00 PM Games

November 17th, 2010 at 12:56 pm by HDSportsGuide | 33 Comments

ABC College Football Regional Map 11/20 8:00 PM Games

There are three games in the 8:00 PM window for this Saturday’s ABC College Football Primetime. The games are: USC at Oregon State, Florida State at Maryland and Nebraska at Texas A&M. There is no reverse mirror this week, so if you want an out of market game, you are going to have to either fire up your computer and watch it on, or watch it on the Gameplan PPV package.

Also of note is that there is only one game on at 3:30 PM Eastern; Ohio State at Iowa.

I don’t have a feel for where each game will be broadcast
(other than PAC 10 west, BIG XII Midwest and ACC South obviously) so until the maps are posted, here are the links for the full HD college football schedule, the 3D college football schedule, and the college football map central.

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33 Comments for “ABC College Football Regional Map 11/20 8:00 PM Games”

  1. Sid the Squid Says:

    If Colorado gets the Pac 10 game again instead of the Big 12 game, I’m gonna lose it!

  2. Tom Says:

    CU is going to the Pac-12 you should be happy.

  3. Fenix Says:

    I bet that Colorado will get the Big 12 game. I believe most of the country will get the Nebraska/aTm game.

  4. CrnhskrBob Says:

    I hope you’re right! Here, in Poky, Id, we get screwed every time!! Used to be, it seems, in the past, we got our fair share of Big 12 games…not anymore! :(

  5. Sid the Squid Says:

    It’s showing A&M-Nebraska — yay!

  6. Tom Says:


  7. College Football 2010: Week 12 - Everything you need to know about sports on television - Says:

    [...] ABC and ESPN coverage maps are available at 8:00 PM ET. [...]

  8. Sean Says:

    I’m so happy we’re not stuck with FSU/Maryland in Connecticut.

  9. tg26 Says:

    Not another pac 10 game!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. College Football TV Schedule & Announcers Week 12 « Buckeyenewshawk’s Weblog Says:

    [...] ABC and ESPN coverage maps are available at 8:00 PM ET. [...]

  11. jared Says:

    How in the world does Nashville get big 12 over acc?

  12. ross Says:

    looks like I will have to watch Nebraska on ESPN3 again-
    why not throw the good game (NU vs. A&M) on ESPN2 or something? Nobody wants to watch 2 unranked Pac10 teams play… come ON!

  13. Terri Fisher Says:

    I agree. Who wants to watch 2 unranked Pac 10 teams in AZ. Can’t believe we won’t get the NU vs A&M game. Huge disappointment. Won’t be tuning into ABC that’s for sure.

  14. AggieDad Says:

    Why no A&M- Nebraska game in Philly ?

  15. Huskerdavis Says:

    Feel fortunate you Husker fans NOT living in Florida. We won’t see a Husker game in this state on ABC until AFTER Thanksgiving. Stuck with a lousy ACC game YET AGAIN, this Saturday will make FIVE “Regional” broadcasts that will make the Nebraska game available to nearly everyone in the country, but NOT here! Can’t wait until next year. The Big 10 stands a much better chance of actually being seen here instead of some awful ACC or, heaven forbid, a Big (L)East game.

  16. Bamasker Says:

    AMEN Huskerdavis! Livin in Bama and seeing an ACC matchup, GAG!!!!!!!

  17. #1Husker Says:

    I feel for you guys living in BAMA and Florida! I live in Western Wyoming…PAC 10 games?? What kind of deal is that?! I would rather bake bread than watch a silly PAC 10 game!! I guess that’s why we pay for TV, so big shots like ABC can decide what we watch across the country!! They are pretty smart, they know us Husker fans will pay money to watch them. I kind of feel like a young prom queen and ABC is the star Quarter back…know what I mean?? GO BIG RED!!!!!!

  18. Husker Nick Says:

    I live in California. WHy would ABC show USC vs Oregon State. SC fans are bandwagon/ fair weather fans = they won’t be watching the game. Show the matchup of two Top 20 teams

  19. d graoville Says:

    Idiots at ABC , they think only the midwest has Husker fans. I hate USC, broadcast a real game to Arizona will ya

  20. Jane Moore Says:

    Iam a oregon state fan, but I love my huskers. I became a fan in the 50′s listening to the games on the radio when oklahoma beat us every year. We moved out west 30 years ago’ so just finding out the scores of the games were difficult.I know its all about money and the heck with the fans. I refused to pay 39.00 to fox this year to watch my huskers’ thank goodness for internet! But I really worry how much I will be able to see them next year.GO HUSKERS LOVE YA

  21. Ron Bauer Says:

    Don’t feel bad. The last time Nebraska was “supposed” to be televised “”Nationally”", the Local ABC “gods” deemed it in the best interest to televise a SEC game. Yes, it sure will be a happy moment for me when the Huskers move to the Big 10, at least I’ll be able to see them “”live”". Born & raised in Nebraska, relocated due to Military. GBR

  22. Harv H Says:

    East Coast Husker fans get NO love…. #25 FSU vs unranked Maryland – instead of the #8 & #19 teams. Come on!

  23. Jared Says:

    I would love for my team to be in the Big 10 cuz they get the 11am spot on ESPN every week and its not good teams playing, but at least they are on tv with no regional coverage!

  24. Hawk227VA Says:

    I live in VA and I get stuck with FSU @ MD???? ABC Sucks!!!!

    P.S.- Husker fans, enjoy winning now cause when u move to the B-10… You will get wooped!!!

    I bleed Black & Gold!!! GO HAWKS!!

  25. HAPPY HUSKER Says:


  26. bamaag Says:

    Another bama guy stuck watching the stupid FSU game… A&M is finally making a year out of it, and we’re stuck watching the ACC…

  27. sissyhusker Says:

    yep I agree in AZ we get so screwed. Also just cut off from the NU games on the regional coverage map. Really Espn who is gonna watch the PAC game. Its your money I guess.

  28. CalifornyHusker Says:

    Y’all, I found a website that shows games you don’t get. A friend showed it to me so I could watch my Cowboys out here on the west coast.
    Free too.

    You’re welcome………..

  29. huskerhillbilly Says:

    ABC regional coverage is GARBAGE! who the fuck wants to see FSU play maryland. NO ONE thats who not even FSU fans would wanna watch that horseshit while a good game is going on A=always B=been C=cocksuckers

  30. Goshkruse Says:

    It’s been nothing but disappointing ACC Football here in the DC Washington area all year. Even the people from here don’t want to watch it. It’s time for the ACC to be demoted and booted from an automatic BCS bid. Stick to basketball.

  31. gregory Says:

    People People FSU-mary is actually a game worth watching. If N.C. State looses this afternoon this matchup will decide the ACC Atlantic title. Winner goes to Tampa. It would be so exciting to see Maryland play in there other than FSU once again. Too bad here in Long Island we get NU- TA&M which is another game worth watching though, NU wins they go to Dallas again.If there was only a reverse mirror so they can show FSU- MARY.

  32. Troy Vorderbrueggen Says:

    I am so pissed i get stuck with Florida State game, Pennsylvania is the armpit of America…GO BIG RED!!!

  33. John Inga Says:

    You bunch of sissy midwestern idiots, I would rather watch Md vs Fl St anyday.

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