ABC September 18 Regional Map 3:30 PM Eastern Games

September 15th, 2010 at 11:13 am by HDSportsGuide | 67 Comments

ABC September 18 Regional Map 3:30 PM Eastern Games

For the first time this season ABC will have two time slots with regional coverage. Below you can find the map for the 3:30 PM Eastern games, we also have the 8:00 PM ABC Map. The 3:30 time slot on ABC has some big out of conference games including Nebraska at Washington, Arizona State at Wisconsin and Alabama at Duke. The two games in the reverse mirror will be Arizona State at Wisconsin (always Big Ten) and Nebraska at Washington.

There are also some great games on other networks at that same time CBS has Florida at Tennessee, ESPN has USC at Minnesota, FSN has Air Force at Oklahoma and ESPNU has BYU at Florida State, so get your DVR, and your remote ready.

The game I am most fired up to watch is Nebraska at Washington. Nebraska’s QB, Taylor Martinez, has ran for over 200 yards so far this season, and everybody knows what Jake Locker can do with his feet. I am just intrigued to see how Martinez will handle playing against a semi-decent defense (well, great when compared to Idaho and Western Kentucky), and if Locker will finally live up to his potential.

The maps will be posted Wednesday when available. Here is the link for the full college football HD schedule

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67 Comments for “ABC September 18 Regional Map 3:30 PM Eastern Games”

  1. BARNUM Says:

    when do the maps get posted? – I’m getting anxious. I’m a Chicago resident hoping to get the Nebraska game instead of the Wisconsin game on over-the-air broadcast

  2. Spike Says:

    Were are the maps???

  3. Vic Says:

    Usually posted mid to late afternoon Wednesday

  4. Thor Says:

    Why bother posting the news article without the maps? Seems like a waste of time …

  5. Oh Yeah Says:

    Will the Nebraska game be shown in Minnesota on ESPN2? I bet the Iowa/Arizona will be on ABC.

  6. HDSportsGuide Says:


    We got so many emails asking where them maps were that we figured it would be easier to post the article with a comment saying the maps would be available Wednesday when available to save us the time of responding to emails. I have updated it to make the fact that the maps are not out yet more obvious.

  7. chicago husker Says:

    i wonder how many of these comments were left by huskermax subscribers? i’m one :)

  8. Huskermedic Says:

    Waiting as well so we can link to the map. I am in Cincinnati so I am like Chicago Husker and may not get it.

  9. Skers Says:

    Can you show the ESPN 2 maps as well for 330?

  10. Steve Says:

    It says on the lower corner of the map that the mirror of NU/UW – ASU/Wisc will be on ESPN2, so it appears that unless you’re in the southeastern blue part you should be able to get the NU game.

  11. Adam Says:

    So what will the people in the Alabama/Duke region get on ESPN2?

  12. Ray Says:

    Map is so blurry I cannot see If the Husker game is carried in St Louis

  13. Vic Says:

    Adam, the blue region will get Wis-ASU on the deuce

  14. Steve Says:

    Actually, pretty safe bet the blue area will get NU/Wash on ESPN2 also since ABC is clearly deeming it the bigger of the 2 games.

  15. Steve Says:

    maybe i mis-spoke, Vic seems to know for sure.

  16. Adam Says:

    Thanks Vic – that ticks me off – but at least someone knows something. That map is pathetic in terms of the blue region. Why only list the reverse mirror for the yellwo and green regions?

    ABC is idiotic in not making sure the NU/Washington game is available everywhere. The Blue region should reverse with the NU/Huskies game. I’m a big SEC fan and live in Alabama. But let’s face it – our game will be boring this week, and most SEC fans are football lovers – and we all recognize that Nebraska is an interesting and fun team to watch – (and getting much better these days) – and that Washington has a potential Heisman candidate in Locker. Oh well – we get to watch (YAWN) Wisconsin and Arizona.

  17. Jeff Says:

    Vic is correct. Big Ten game is ALWAYS the mirror when it is not on ABC locally (ABC/ESPN contract with BigTen). The only question each week is what game will be the mirror where the Big Ten game is on ABC.

  18. Jeff Says:

    If you want to see Nebraska in the blue region…you will need the ESPN game plan package I believe.

  19. Husker fan in the South Says:

    Unfortunately I cannot get the gameplan package, because I think you need the full HD (hundreds of channels I neither want nor need) cable package to get that.

    What’s REALLY bad is that I can’t even listen to the Husker broadcast on the internet. I used to listen on However, now the Husker Athletic department exclusively runs the internet broadcast – and their site is so pathetic that it always jams up and no one can effectively listen.

  20. Vic Says:

    Husker in South: If you have cable internet, you might be able to get it on your computer on ESPN3

  21. dean Says:

    Living in SEC country can really suck when ABC wants to cover Alabama & Duke, i bet the ratings for that one will be threw the roof!! At least show the 1 good game on at 3:30 Huskers & Washington, on espn2!!!

  22. Bummed Says:

    why ASU v. Wisconsin in Atlanta ESPN2 when NU/UW is on…

  23. tony Says:

    Pathetic abc, making alabama-duke an ABC game, not bein able to watch the only real game on Nebraska-UW????!!!!! Then living in florida havin to wtch Arizona ST!!! Please!!! Some folks need to b FIRED!!!!!!

  24. Chad Says:

    Does anyone know if Carbondale, Il is included in the coverage of the NU/UW game? It is hard to tell based on the map above (Carbondale is right on the border of coverage). thanks

  25. Brad Says:

    If you hate the games being offered in your area, then go watch the alternatives on As long as you have high speed Internet there should be no problem.

  26. KG Says:

    Just to clarify some things. ESPN is required by contract to show Big Ten afternoon games to 100% of the US markets using either the combination of ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 or being shown only on that specific channel. The only way Atlanta could get Nebraska/Washington on ESPN2 is if they showed ASU-Wisconsin over Duke-Alabama on ABC.

  27. Capstone Report » Football: Watch Alabama vs. Duke Says:

    [...] is your map of the ABC Regional Broadcast. Info on ESPN 3 is below that. Map via HDSportsGuide. ABC Football Regional Map September 18, [...]

  28. Alan Says:

    Brad – that’s not a bad thought. However, I have “high-speed” internet through mycabel provider in Alabama – the only major high speed cable connection in the area. I’ve tried ESPN3 before, and it’s horribly slow, and freezes and pauses all the time when it comes through at all. The internet for watching isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Certainly, we’re not there yet. Plus – I don’t want to sit in front of my computer…. I want to watch it on the big TV. ABC sucks. Who wants to watch the #1 team trounce a weak opponent?

  29. Ron Says:

    The way I’m seeing these maps is that if I live in Chicago I will get to see Huskers and Washington on ESPN2 standard definition. Why not high definition? Am I seeing this correct? You need a degree to figure this out. Oh, I guess I have one.

  30. JT Says:

    Will someone explain why the reverse mirror (Nebraska) for those in Big 10 country can’t be HD? What is the issue causing it to only be in SD?

  31. Scmitty Says:

    I live in Fayettville AR, 8 hrs from Lincoln NE, & it looks like I won’t get the biggest OOC NE game of the year, but the blue area is right on the border of my area, so I can’t even make a plan on where to watch the game until it starts so I can see if I get it or not. Anxiety!!!!! ABC & ESPN sucks! GBR!

  32. Hoot Says:

    All I care about is the fact that Nebraska will be on ABC in the Northeast. Thank you ABC. Go huskers!!

  33. RM Says:

    Seriously, I hope ESPN people read these comments. I’m in florida, why do I want to watch Duke? They are horrible and Alabama will blow them out. ESPN is in love with Bama/Texas/Florida/Michigan. Bunch of sell-outs….. just show the best games. JERKS.

  34. North Carolina Husker Says:

    Check off one more reason why big 10 is a brilliant move by TO and Chancellor Pearlman – it will be a joy to pay for the Big 10 network and guarantee that I see not just FB games but the Bo P. mid week show, volleyball, basketball, track etc. (basically all things husker) – FYI the Duke Bama game is my fault for passing around an email making my case for Duke beating an unfocused Bama on national TV (and locking the SEC out of a title game this year) which puts the Skers up against Ohio State in the National championship

  35. Chad Says:

    Scmitty, I am in the same situation down here in Carbondale, Il. I won’t know where to watch the game until it begins because I am right on the border of the coverage map. I don’t have ESPN (I’m a poor graduate student trying to get by with a few basic channels). So, I can wait until the game starts and see if I get it on ABC or drive two hours to St. Louis to a Husker watch site. I have options, but it is frustrating not knowing if I’ll get the game at home. I am from Lincoln and I live full-time in Portland, Oregon…I am not used to missing a game as we have a great watch site in Portland.

  36. Dave Says:

    Based on some google searching, it appears there is a good chance DirecTV puts the Huskers@Washington on the ESPN Alternate channel (210 or 211). Anybody know much about this? It seems like they don’t post whats going to be broadcast on the alternates until right before kickoff, or at kickoff itself!

  37. Jeff Smith Says:

    I can’t believe it. Just because I live in the south I miss Nebraska v Washington for Alabama v Duke? Heck, even Alabama alums don’t want to watch ‘Bama v Duke. Disney TV – you sux!!!

  38. Marcus Says:

    I don’t like that I won’t have access to the Nebraska-Washington game. I’m stuck with the other 2 games, which have blowout written all over them.

  39. Brad Says:

    It will be even much worse on Sept 25th. I am an avid Ohio State fan but why does ABC want to have their 3:30 game feature them against Eastern Michigan? EMU is the worst team in the MAC. That game should be on BTN or ESPNU, not an ABC regional game.

  40. Timothy Says:

    HUSKERS !!!
    if you cannot watch it on tv, try going to

  41. Brad Says:

    Chad from Carbondale, it looks like you are getting the ASU-Wisconsin game on ABC (based on the map).

  42. travis Says:

    BIG TIME HUSKER FAN SICK AND TIRED OF THIS ESPN ABC STUFF nebraska washington is the better match up put it on espn 2 im not paying this anymore

  43. Chad Says:

    Thanks Brad!

  44. Richard Says:

    How many ignorant Husker fans are there? Big10 always gets the reverse mirror over other conferences (by contract). Read comments above. Don’t worry; next year, you’ll be joining a power conference so you’ll be able to see your Huskers every game.

  45. College Football 2010: Week 3 - Everything you need to know about sports on television - Says:

    [...] ABC and ESPN coverage maps are available at [...]

  46. Lance Says:

    Ok. I live in the south and I have directv. It looks like I can it through ESPN Game Plan, but it’s only in Standard Definition. Is there anyway to get this game in HD? What about through ESPN360 stream?

  47. Rich Says:

    I live in central Maryland. Will ABC/ESPN cover the Nebraska vs. Washington game in my area?

  48. Dean Says:

    Just checked and the Nebraska game is showing on channel 211 ESPN alternate. Can’t wait until we move to the Big Ten next year.

  49. Mike Says:

    Noticing that a number of fellow Nebraska fans refer to the huskers as “NU”. You realize that this will no longer be acceptable in 2011 when we join the Big 10, where Northwestern University is a true “NU”. In speaking to folks at ESPN, they actually have official abbreviations for teams, such as for the mini scoreboards which are always on the screen throughout the game. They tell me that Nebraska will likely be NEB, with “UN” as a possiblity, but that “NU” is most certainly for Northwestern. I suppose that this is a small sacrifice considering all the benefits that will come from Bg 10 membership.
    Go Big Red!

  50. Gerry Says:

    First of all, I want to thank in a HUGE WAY what you guys are doing here at with the posting of these coverage maps. Me being a Nebraska fan living in Maryland, I am always in need of TV info for the Huskers games. I used to have to hunt forever on dumb Comcast channel guides and other sources, and could never get a good answer at all until this site. So thank you so much. All relocated Husker fans around the country appreciate it.

    Now if you could post e-mail addresses to where we can complain for stupid regional decisions that are made, especially it seems in the Maryland area, that would be GREAT!

    Who in GOD’S name in Maryland is interested in the Alabama-Duke game? Now there maybe Bama grads in the area, and for them I would acknowledge a desire to see the No. 1 team in the country. But I will guarantee you there are more people interested in the NU-Wash game than Arizona St.-Wisc. in Maryland. MORONS!

    And Rich, we are out of luck. We can watch it on online, or if you have the ESPN package. Otherwise, we’re screwed by the Wisc-ASU game….ridiculous. Anyone have e-mail addresses to ABC/ESPN to complain?

  51. ASUSunDevil Says:

    I can’t figure out if ASU/Wis game will be on ESPN2 in OK. Can someone let me know? I know the NU game is on ABC but ESPN2 says NU or ASU game depending on regional coverage. Help, I need to see the Devils!

  52. James Says:

    Well Mike #49

    We will be happy to settle it …we can put NU rights on the first game

  53. Skip Says:

    Nebraska game is available live stream on

  54. Jordan Says:

    Dang, I’m in Florida and really want to see the Wisconsin game…..

  55. Orlando Dave Says:

    Nebraska game will be on channel 211 on Direct TV, but it won’t be in HD. Oh well, that is better than watching it on the internet.

  56. Nowledge Says:

    Looks like the Husker game will be on ESPN2 in MN

  57. jim sanders Says:

    I do not think one should call Husker fans ignorant or any other fan for that matter. They have a team that they root for and that is great!
    If one just studies the coverage maps for a little bit it becomes clear what you can get and not get. Lets take what we can get and enjoy it and not get so hostile-is that good sportsmanship?

  58. Murk Says:

    I like this print out. Very informing!

  59. Patrick Says:

    DirecTv has Nebraska @ Washington on ESNa channel 211 today.

    Goooooooooooo Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Patrick Says:

    Im in Atlanta area fyi

  61. denver sunshine Says:

    Go Huskers!

  62. Jessica Says:

    Too bad these coverage maps are WRONG! Alaska does not get the Nebraska game on ABC, ESPN or ESPN 2. Sure was looking forward to watching the game!

  63. Andrew Says:

    Horrible decision by DirecTV to black out Nebraska/Washington game in North Carolina.

    Shame on you.

  64. nermel Says:

    Scmitty: It *might* be possible to pull KTUL over the air in Fayettville. I’d suggest looking into that, if possible. It wouldn’t hurt to ask friends/neighbors with an outdoor antenna if they are able to.

  65. Richard Says:

    Well, they keep blaming ABC/ESPN (for not showing UNL) when their hands are tied and it’s not their fault (and many people have explained how TV coverage works over the years). If you don’t like the term “ignorant”, please come up with a better term.

  66. rls Says:

    When will ABC get over their normal stupidity act and switch games from Nebraska (Wisconsin today). Hey, I like Wisconsin okay, but ABC swithed when Nebraska hit 55 points with about 6 1/2 minutes left in the game, I not sure they even waited for the extra point.
    ABC always think that more people or interested in seeing another game than risk losing viewers in a runaway. They can’t seem to get it into their thick heads that they will have more viewers from all over the country watching the Nebraska game until it is OVER!

  67. Bill Says:

    Does anyone know what the quality of the stream is going to be for the Texas at Nebraska game?

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