ABC / ESPN College Football Maps 3:30 PM Eastern 10/9

October 6th, 2010 at 12:48 pm by HDSportsGuide | 25 Comments

ABC / ESPN College Football Maps 3:30 PM Eastern 10/9

There are 3 afternoon college football games on ABC / ESPN.

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25 Comments for “ABC / ESPN College Football Maps 3:30 PM Eastern 10/9”

  1. Tyrone Biggums Says:

    This could be Denard’s breakout game for the East coast and west coast!

  2. joe Says:

    When does the ESPN reverse mirror maps come out. I want to make sure I can see my game on ESPN HD. GO BLUE.

  3. Not So Fast My Friend Says:

    Could be, but then again, there will be a defense in between him and the endzone for the first time this season. Wolverines likely lose this one by 2 scores.

  4. Frank Doyle Says:

    I am worried…I live in baltimore/dc and see NO mention of the MSU/UM game being in HD on espn. No, don’t screw us over again like stanford/oregon last week.

  5. Mike Says:

    MSU-UM will be in SD on ESPN (blue and green areas of the ABC map). Typically the game in HD is the larger area, which means Clemson-UNC will be on ESPN-HD in the yellow area (63%) with MSU-UM on ESPN-SD in the blue and green areas (37%).

  6. steve Says:

    I live in Mississippi and know that I will get Ark and Texas A&M on local ABC station. I have dish network, will I be able to get the Clemson/N Carolina game on ESPN?

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  8. C Says:

    The reverse mirror reference at the bottom of the map is quite ambiguous given that there are three games in play. Since the Ark/A&M game has no reverse mirror refernced, what will the blue area be viewing on ESPN at that time?

  9. Stuj Says:

    Down the road apiece

  10. Scott Says:

    Is this right? No HD for the UM vs MSU game in alabama? Every other time its been abc/espn2 they both have been in HD. Can’t be right.

  11. Mike Says:

    This doesn’t make sense to me. What game does Nevada get on ESPN HD? Nothing?

  12. Mike Says:

    If it helps, I have Dish Network and my buddy has regular Cox cable… so what game do I get on ESPN? And what game does he get? Anything at all?

    And why don’t we get the games in HD?

  13. joe Says:

    I wish the MSU vs UM game was in HD across the whole country. Its the biggest game at 330pm on any channel.

  14. Mike Says:

    Any chance of going to a bar or something? Some place with ESPN gameplan?

  15. Todd D Says:

    I agree with some others, this can’t be correct. In the Big 12 viewing area, there is no game listed for ESPN HD. Nearly all the time we get the Big 10 game on ESPN or ESPN2. GO BLUE!!

  16. Fenix Says:

    If you are getting the aTm/Arkansas game you will get the UM/MSU game on ESPN SD. ESPN HD will be blacked out. The maps are clear as can be. I don’t get why some of you don’t understand which games you are getting and on what channels. Read the map!

  17. rh Says:

    Michigan on in Iowa!!!! I am thrilled. I was so worried we’d see some Big 12 game instead.

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  20. Dan Says:

    This is just proof that nobody in this country cares about that second class Michigan school from East Lansing. Michigan was nationally televised in HD against Indiana, but Spartie doesn’t command enough respect to get us in HD in half the country.

    Denard is good for 400 total yards and 4 TDs tomorrow. Go Blue!

  21. joe michigan Says:

    Are you guys out of your mind. Shwing a piece of crap NC game in HD and not the M v MSU fall classic. Please reconsider. We have a lot of Michigan fans along the mid atlantic region.

  22. Stan the Man Says:

    … do the ESPN people not know where football was INVENTED…?!?!?!?!

    ….GO BLUE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Norma Says:

    Are you guys nuts or just stupid. We want MSU vs. M. Get with it!!!!!!

  24. Steve Says:

    Can one of the braintrust at ESPN explain why anyone in the state of Colorado would be interested in two unranked teams from the East Coast should be the game played here, when two ranked teams from the Midwest is not? I want my MSU-Michigan!

  25. Scot Ducks Says:

    I can’t believe ESPN of ABC switched out from the DUCKs game to the Nebraska game in the 4th qtr. without any announcement. Why would you do that to your west coast viewers?!!! Boys…get a brain!!!

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