College Football on ABC Coverage Map for 10/23

October 20th, 2010 at 11:01 am by HDSportsGuide | 19 Comments

College Football on ABC Coverage Map for 10/23

The BCS rankings were released this weekend, and with them comes what might be, the best weekend of college football to date, especially at 3:30 PM Eastern. My suggestion for all is to clean up the leaves early, and just sit on the couch and enjoy the multiple matchups of ranked teams at that time.

On CBS you can find maybe the most exciting offense in college football in #4 Auburn taking on #6 LSU, who is maybe the most confusing team in college football. LSU has a very good defense, and it will be interesting to see if Auburn can put up points against them.

The on ABC at that same time there are two games pairing ranked teams, as well as an ACC clash and with them here are my predictions of where the games will be available.

#13 Wisconsin at #15 Iowa: My guess is that this game will be available in most of the midwest, then available to the rest of the country on ESPN HD in the reverse mirror.

#16 Nebraska at #14 Oklahoma State: My guess is that this game will go to almost the whole country on ABC, excluding where the Wisconsin Iowa game is on ABC in the midwest, and a small portion of ACC country (probably only South Carolina and Georgia). The problem with this is that it will not be available in the reverse mirror, so if you do not get this game on ABC, it will have to be found on Gameplan or ESPN3.

Georgia Tech at Clemson: My guess is that this game will be available on ABC in Georgia and South Carolina, and on ESPN SD in the midwest where Wisconsin at Iowa is on ABC.

OK, my predictions were horrible this week. I was quite surprised that the Nebraska vs. OK State game is not going to more households. My guess is the loss by Nebraska last week combined with Wisconsin’s big win over Ohio State flipped the total viewership. As to why Nebraska is not in the reverse mirror Matt’s College Sports Media Blog has a good article. He does an awesome job keeping track of college media. I have his RSS feed and twitter feed bookmarked, you should check it out and do the same.

As for the people in Nebraska who are not set to receive the games. I got a tweet that says, “Reminder to #Husker fans in NE Neb, #NUvsOSU will be on #KCAU digital subch 9.2 in #SUX & on #WOI digital subch 5.1 in #DSM.” I do not live in Nebraska, but it sounds to me that you will be able to pick up the game on the ABC sub channels depending on where you live.

Also, here are the links for the full HD college football schedule, the 3D college football schedule, and the college football map central.

(I too am wondering what is going on in Alabama)

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19 Comments for “College Football on ABC Coverage Map for 10/23”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hope you’re right about the “small portion of ACC country” for GA Tech/Clemson – but I fear it will expand up through the DC-area – in that case I’ll have to watch my Huskers rebound in grainy SD..

  2. DC Says:

    Matt – your worst fears confirmed… Actually worse than worst… think ESPN3 or gameplan only

  3. Todd D Says:

    I guess they are trying to increase the ACC viewership for the upcoming contract by including them on the reverse mirrors. If it was done on logic, the ACC games would be in ACC markets only. I can’t imagine there are a ton of fans across the country who would rather watch GT-Clem over the Big 12 or Big 10 games, especially this week.

  4. DC Says:

    Does Montgomery usually defer ACC and Big Ten games in favor of Big 12? Very interesting… @ Todd D – If you look at the ACC markets and where the games are being shown, they are actually being generous by sparing Miami, the rest of South Florida, and Boston from the ACC game… I am surprised that Eastern TN and NE Miss got the ACC game…

    Does this mean that they’ll give the Big12 both reverse mirrors (BIG 10 on ESPN HD and ACC on ESPNa sd? lucky them if so!

  5. Ryan Says:

    Hmm, it looks here that northeast Nebraska is royally screwed, with no Nebraska game, since ESPN is not reverse mirroring the game. KCAU’s website, though, says the game will be carried on their digital sub-channel 9.2, but I bet it will not just be SD, but crappy SD.

  6. Ulrich Says:

    Who cares about GT/Clemson?? Give me Neb?OKSt in the reverse mirror. Once again, the northeast gets the you-know-what.

  7. Todd D Says:

    Why do they put the ACC in HD for most of the country? The Big 10 is a much bigger viewership and yet for the 2nd time in 3 weeks they are dumped on SD if not in the ABC markets. I figured with the Big 10 TV deal a few years ago that started the reverse mirror, the Big 10 would have the HD priority.

  8. Will Says:

    Why doesn’t ESPN/ABC have all of the games in HD, including the games on ESPN Gameplan? It is ridiculous that they think that people with no interest in the local game will watch that game because it is in HD. The NFL offers all of their PPV games in HD.

  9. DC Says:

    This makes no sense! I thought the big 10 had a deal with ESPN to make sure all games were available in reverse mirror on HD, not just SD?

    Come on ESPN! Make things right!

  10. JT Says:

    This is 2010, why is SD still an option? Get with the program abc / espn.

  11. James Says:

    It’s hard to tell from the map – but it looks like Montgomery, Alabama is going to get the Nebraska game. As an Alabamian – I think that’s GREAT. We love college football – and I’d far rather watch a good Big 12 game than a pathetic ACC matchup.

    However, ABC continues to be odd. Why have it on in Montgomery Alabama, and NOT on in a portion of…. NEBRASKA?!

  12. ES_Trader Says:

    ESPN needs to fix their technical capacity! IT is ridiculous they can’t come up with the money. Every game s/b in HD, everywhere! Otherwise it’s time for the FCC to step in and break up their monopoly on CFB Broadcasts.

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  14. Rick Says:

    the part of neb that doesn’t get the NU-OSU game is because they receive tv from sioux city IA tv stations….

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  17. Richard Says:

    No, the BigTen only made sure its games can be seen nationwide. No clause on HD (which wasn’t a big thing yet when the current contract was negotiated).

  18. Bill Says:

    ABC/ESPN must employ geographic nimrods. Missouri and Southwestern Illinois has mostly Big 12 and/or SEC fans. CBS handles the SEC. But the local source (located in Southwestern Illinois and Southeast Missouri)of ABC/ESPN HD coverage in the 3:30 time frame, gives Big 10 coverage in HD. Big 12, if offered, is in Standard definition. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s upset by ABC/ESPN Disney control of what they think we should get. Speak up if you agree or even if you don’t agree. Let them know that the viewer should be the boss, not their demographic theory department run by folks who don’t know how to draw a straight line.

  19. Matt Says:

    As a Virginia Tech fan in the Tri-Cities TN/VA market, I was glad to see we got the Georgia Tech-Clemson game. I was beginning to think that ESPN thought everyone here were Vols fans.

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