March Madness Map Thursday 18 Window 3

March 15th, 2010 at 2:27 am by HDSportsGuide | 32 Comments

Four games will take place in this window, they are as follows.

Thursday Evening Window 3
% Game Announcers Constant Main
9% #9 Northern Iowa vs. #8 UNLV Kevin Harlan/Dan Bonner Lt. Blue Purple
32% #16 East Tennessee State vs. #1 Kentucky Dick Enberg/Jay Bilas Dark Blue Red
28% #14 Ohio vs. #3 Georgetown Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery Yellow Orange
31% #11 Washington vs. #6 Marquette Dedes/Wenzel Maroon Green

These maps are preliminary and subject to change. The author of this website is not affiliated with the NCAA, CBS Sports or any of their affiliates. All maps are copyrighted by the author and are not to be used on other websites. Thanks to for the maps.

Alaska and Hawaii will both get Marquette vs. Washington

**updated to move WKRC Cincinnati to the Kentucky game**

Map Me

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32 Comments for “March Madness Map Thursday 18 Window 3”

  1. RU Serious Says:

    Ohio game televised over the UK game in Cincy area?!?!?!?!?

  2. Alex Says:

    WBNS (Columbus)’s website lists Ohio vs. Georgetown as constant, not main.

    Go, OHIO!

  3. john Says:

    Cant make out….is WSAZ Charleston, WV in the orange or dark blue?

    Putting #14 Ohio vs. #3 Georgetown on there is crap.

  4. rob Says:

    You can zoom in on the map to see closer. It looks like Charleston is in the Orange.

  5. Dave Says:

    If Northern KY gets the Ohio v. Georgetown game instead of the Kentucky game there will be rioting in the streets!

  6. HDSportsGuide Says:

    I double checked the sheet, and WKRC in Cincinnati is slotted to get the Ohio vs. GT game. Keep in mind that this is preliminary. I’m guessing the authorities have made calls to CBS so the UK fans don’t storm the airport and hold Southern Ohio hostage. I will update it if there are any changes. The final details will be sent out this afternoon hopefully.

  7. CatsFan Says:

    Why would they even show the Ohio vs. G-Town game in eastern KY anyway? Ohio is much further away than Lexington?!?

  8. Northern Kentucky Says:

    Email from WKRC in Cincinnati:

    “CBS had the wrong info. We’re carrying both games……the Kentucky game will be on WKRC. The Ohio game will be on our CW network.”

  9. HDSportsGuide Says:

    Yes, please keep in mind that these are preliminary from the information that I have gotten so far. I figured that WKRC would be one of the changes that they made.

  10. CatsCatsCats Says:

    All broadcasters everywhere should only carry the UK game!

  11. Columbus Calipari Says:

    I know all sorts of OU alumni in Columbus and they too want to watch the Cats!

    WBNS show the Cats!

  12. Boyd County Cat Fan Says:

    If WOWK does not televise the KY game there will be a revolt!!! Why should Boyd County KY fans suffer because we only recieve WV television stations?!?

  13. john Says:

    WOWK better televise UK

  14. Karl Says:

    Local stations usually have an option to which games they will show if it is in a border area. I have a strong feeling that the local station in Huntignton W. Va. will show the UK game. Patterson is from there. With HD they now can show 2-3 different games on different digital channels Like 32.1 and 32.2 in Loiosville. Check your local stations.

  15. Carlos Says:

    I live in Southern California. How can I watch the UK games?

  16. HDSportsGuide Says:

    March Madness on Demand at or Mega March Madness on DirecTV

  17. Larry Randolph Says:

    I would hope Dayton, Oh. station would carry Ky game.

  18. Larry Randolph Says:

    I would hope Dayton Ohio station would carry Ky game. Many people in northern area follow the Cats. I know for sure many in Dayton and Hamilton area follow Cats. Even before Kevin Grevey played Dayton was cat land.

  19. OU student Says:

    I go to ou and i don’t even want to see this game… Georgetown is gonna kill the bobcats i just wanna see wall, big cuz, pat, bledsoe and the rest of the wildcats beat down on their opponent

  20. Bill Brasky Says:

    WWOK says it found out yesterday afternoon it will carry the UK game so Ashland, KY & Huntington, WV areas shouldn’t have to worry.

    HDSportsGuide, thanks for posting all this – if anything, now you know how passionate UK fans are.

  21. Ky Fan Says:

    Why is the north eastern part of KY not getting the UK game? Please!!!!! We are KY too!!!

  22. Kats Fan Says:

    I don’t get the coverage for the Kentucky game. There are towns in Kentucky that aren’t even getting the UK game– Princeton is a total UK town and they can’t get the game as their main game. You would think the entire state would at least get it. And what about St. Louis. No one is St. Louis gives a crap about Northern Iowa and UNLV — you have to wonder who really looks at the TV markets. Is it just a crap shoot or is their some method to their madness!!?!?

  23. Tokyokatfan Says:

    Or you can do like me and buy a couple of SLingboxes and have someone in two different parts of the country hook them up to their broadcast feed, then you can watch whatever you want, wherever you are in the world.

    Go Kats!!

  24. Tokyokatfan Says:

    Oh yeah, and if Ashland doesn’t get the game I’d hate to be the authorities there.

  25. Ashland4UK Says:


  26. ebruce Says:

    OU has a basketball team? Who cares?

  27. Blue Bill Says:

    Denver gets the UK game but not Dayton, Ohio? OU has eight fans….haha.

  28. john Says:

    haha a couple of slingboxes? Damn.

    I only got one and I’m pretty happy lol.

  29. Brian McDonald Says:

    Ky fans are awesome….they dominate every post

    Go Cats….

  30. WVFan Says:

    I have never heard so much whining from people! Must be the same people that whine and belly ache if it is to hot or to cold. Five years from now no one will care or even remmber who actually beat Kentucky or Ohio State. Its a game thats all… a game…ibeciles!

  31. Carl Says:

    The Ohio/Georgetown game is aring on WOWK’s digital sub-channel 13.2,while UK/ETSU airs on the main channel(13.1) as already mentioned.

  32. UKFaninCI Says:

    WVUFan….we are going to beat your a$$!!!!

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