NCAA Tournament Regional Map for March 18 Window 1

March 13th, 2010 at 11:17 pm by HDSportsGuide | 19 Comments

Providence, New Orleans, Oklahoma City.

Thursday Morning Window 1
% Game Announcers Constant Main
54% #10 Florida vs. #7 Brigham Young Kevin Harlan/Dan Bonner Green Dk. Blue
27% #11 Old Dominion vs. #6 Notre Dame Dick Enberg/Jay Bilas Lt. Blue Purple
19% #15 Robert Morris vs. #2 Villanova Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery Red Yellow

These maps are preliminary and subject to change. The author of this website is not affiliated with the NCAA, CBS Sports or any of their affiliates. All maps are copyrighted by the author and are not to be used on other websites. Thanks to for the maps.

Alaska and Hawaii will both get BYU vs. Florida

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19 Comments for “NCAA Tournament Regional Map for March 18 Window 1”

  1. juan Says:

    what is the yellow color?..

  2. Coop Says:

    Pittsburgh isn’t going to be a Nova/RMU constant even though Robert Morris is located in Pittsburgh?

  3. Ben Says:

    @Coop Pittsburgh looks yellow to me. zooming in a little might help. don’t worry!

  4. milesd Says:

    Much of eastern PA is in some kind of “brown” color. What does that mean? ND or Villanova would be ok. BYU – Florida would be a don’t bother game. Too bad the game couldn’t be on a multi-channel network instead of CBS.

  5. Tony Says:

    Who decides that people in Texas get the BYU and Florida game .What do these two states have to do with Texas. Why not show ND and ODMU

  6. zshaners Says:

    Tony, what does ND or ODMU have to do with Texas also?

  7. Tbird Says:

    BYU has a national fanbase (as does ND.) BYU is also ranked top 25. Combine that with Florida and their success over the past couple of years makes for an awesome matchup. I’m surprised even more of the country doesn’t get this game.

  8. bballjones Says:

    I am on a cell phone and I can’t get a map. Is the BYU Florida game on in California?

  9. Ben Says:

    yes it shows BYU/Florida as “main” game in Cali

  10. Nova Nut Says:

    As we have done for most road games this season, we have the second floor of Sligo Irish Pub (113 W. State St., Media, PA, 19063; tel: 610-566-5707) reserved from noon-3 p.m. to watch ‘Nova spank No. 15 seed Robert Morris on a 10-foot HD screen.

    Although the game isn’t scheduled to tip off until 12:30 p.m., the second floor will be open at noon for the start of the telecast on CBS.

    Fans of all ages are welcome to attend, and there is no admission charge, but everyone will be on their own for drinks and food. For this gamewatch and any others we’ll have this year, Sligo is giving us $1 off all draft beers.

    If you haven’t been to one of our gamewatches, the second floor can fit close to 100 people and has a crystal-clear, 10-foot HD screen. Because Sligo’s management and staff are always so accommodating, when we have gamewatches there, it essentially feels like we’re at our own house with a HUGE TV and a bar.

    And, as always, if you’re wondering, yes, the game audio will be on (as loud as we want it).

    Please RSVP here if possible, but, if you want to just show up, that’s fine, too.

  11. Pedro Cilantro Says:

    This is a 5th tier coverage map. Guess google maps hasn’t graduated to that level yet.

  12. tjc3844 Says:

    I’ll have the 19 inch black & white in Goldsboro’s JC Penny’s employee lounge fired up today.

    Thank God I got out of the market at 14,000.

  13. Buckeye70 Says:

    Of course the execs at See B.S. won’t show O$U at a decent time with their Easy coast bias dating back to the 1960′s when snarky Ivy League snobs like Jack O’Holloran, Bill Borst, to name a few ran that network like it was their own special east coast only viewing party.

    Well let me educate some of you spirited knuckleheads on some things. In places like Parma, Dublin, Dayton, and Shermer, IL and all points in between, we do want to see O$U and don’t really care what kind of pablum puking nonsense you try to sell us. Things are a changing, amigos.

    And yes, I’m senile and have no idea what all this means but it’s blustery, blowhardy and most of all condescending like every trite piece of gar-bagge I write.

    mea culpa


  14. Robert Mitchell Says:

    Anyone know what game will be on in the NJ correctional facilities? Hoping to catch a glimpse of the games and am a little tied up right now!

    Thx, Stix

  15. Jay Wright Says:

    I LOVE making teaching points.

  16. March Madness begins…what games will you watch? | ESPNish Says:

    [...] 1: 12:30 PM ET -┬áCoverage Map 12:20 Florida vs BYU – 54% 12:25 Old Dominion vs Notre Dame – 27% 12:30 Robert Morris vs Villanova [...]

  17. ilan katz Says:

    whats the difference between constant and main?

  18. Sports Picks Says:

    I cant believe they didnt put Notre Dame in the LA market.

  19. JD Says:

    I think the wrong games are being televised. Games with much more action are being left off TV and then games with less action and interest are getting the coverage. No disrespect to anybod’s favorite school – just a general observation.

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