NFL Divisional Playoff Printable Schedule

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NFL Divisional Playoff Printable Schedule

The NFL Divisional Playoff Printable Schedule is posted below for both the eastern and pacific time zones. The most intriguing match-up to me, is Baltimore traveling to the Colts (I wonder if they’ll take the band). The Ravens played really well against a borderline disinterested Patriots team last week. I do not really buy into the whole rust argument, but with the Ravens being one of the most physical teams in the league, that could be a big adjustment for the colts. They probably have been practicing half speed in shells for the last few weeks.

The game that can never live up to the excitement of the Pacers at Cardinals game is the Cardinals at Saints. I am guessing the over under will be about 110, and it is expected that the defenses will not be much of a factor, but it seems like one game goes the opposite of expectations and I am guessing this will be it. The first one to 28, not 48, will probably win this game.

The Cowboys travel to Minnesota where Brett Favre has to be happy that no matter what the rest of the games his team might play will either be in a dome or in Miami where to weather is quite nice this time of year. Just ask the guy from Miami who tried to help us move from Utah to Minnesota (**high cackle** “How cold is it?”). Either way the Vikings were looking great at one point and the Cowboys are looking great now, so if the Vikings get back to that old form, their best is probably better than the Cowboys best, but the Cowboys are playing a lot closer to their best right now (end of awkward wording of comparison).

Also, the Jets take on the Chargers in the late afternoon Sunday game. It is a classic rushing vs. passing match up.

As always here is a printable schedule for your viewing enjoyment, it also includes the dates and times of the rest of the playoff games, and as a bonus, the Pro Bowl. Pcific time zone here, and here is the eastern printable schedule

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