October 2 College Football ABC Regional Map 3:30 PM Games

September 29th, 2010 at 10:31 am by HDSportsGuide | 19 Comments

October 2 College Football ABC Regional Map 3:30 PM Games

This Saturday (10/2) will have three games at 3:30 PM on ABC. The Big Ten game will be Wisconsin at Michigan State. The ACC has Virginia Tech at NC State and the Big XII has the Red River Shootout with Texas vs. Oklahoma. It is weird to say, but I am more interested in the other two games pitting undefeated (and Va Tech who I am very intrigued about after losing to James Madison) teams than I am about Texas vs. Oklahoma. It’s funny how a demoralizing loss to UCLA will change perceptions.

As for my predictions for Which game will be on where.

1. I think Wisconsin at Michigan State will be on ABC in a very limited part of the Midwest, and on ESPN HD to the rest of the country.

Looks like Joe from the comments was correct about this game covering all of Big Ten Country. Also, how could I have missed on that small part of Florida that will be getting that game on ABC. What’s the history there? Is there a player on one of these teams from out there that has a lot of pull at the ABC station or what?

**Update thanks to Frank the Tank in the comments for the info on Midwestern grads moving to Ft. Meyers. That’s good stuff. Sidenote: Frank gave a very interesting look into the Big Ten expansion over the summer, and was one of the first people to think rationally (monetarily) about the expansion options, instead of worrying about travel and rivalries and other trivial (well, just trivial to the decision makers) things. Check out his blog, he generally has a good take on Illinois sports.

2. For the Red River Rivalry I predict that it will go to all of the west as well as the northeast (my guess is North of Maryland), as well as everywhere in the midwest where the Michigan State Wisconsin game is not. Then it will be in the reverse mirror in SD everywhere that Wisconsin at Michigan State is on ABC.

3. For the Va Tech at NC State I predict that it will just be in ACC territory Maryland and South

The full HD college football schedule can be found here. And the 3D college football schedule is here.

Higher resolution images and reverse mirror coming later today.

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19 Comments for “October 2 College Football ABC Regional Map 3:30 PM Games”

  1. joe Says:

    I say the MSU vs WI game will be on in all the Big Ten country TV stations, so the whole Great Lakes region as well as most of Pennsylvania.

  2. Frank the Tank Says:

    The Florida area getting the Big Ten game appears to be the Ft. Myers/Naples market. This is likely because that particular market is generally known to have the highest concentration of Midwestern transplants of anywhere in Florida, especially people from Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. I went to Illinois for undergrad and my understanding is that the Ft. Myers/Naples chapter of the alumni association is one of the largest outside of the Chicago area, and having visted there many times, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same for all of the other Big Ten schools.

  3. Jason Says:

    Got to love the midwestern influence in the Fort Myers area.

  4. Dax Says:

    Will the Texas vs Ou game be on ESPN 2 in South Carolina? Or we stuck with the crappy Va Tech game?

  5. Jeff Says:

    South Carolina will get the Wisconsin v. Michigan State game on ESPN 2 per the Big Ten contract with ABC/ESPN. No discretion on the part of ABC/ESPN involved.

  6. College Football 2010: Week 5 - Everything you need to know about sports on television - the506.com Says:

    [...] and ESPN coverage maps are available at HDSportsGuide.com: 3:30 ET, 8:00 [...]

  7. Joe W. Says:

    I’ll never understand why ESPN agreed to always put the Big 10 game on the reverse mirror, which pretty much prevents them from picking a more appealing game. Even though Wiscy and MSU are unbeaten, I think the Red River Rivalry would be much more appealing to most of us in the SE who are getting VT/NCSU as our ABC game and it’s too bad that ABC is precluded from showing it because of a contractual arrangement that doesn’t seem to serve their viewers.

  8. Bob A Says:

    I agree Joe, IT’S THE RED RIVER RIVALY!!! I know Texas got smacked at home, but who cares about seeing that big 10 game. Living in GA and in SEC country, I would much rather see Oklahoma/Texas than Wisc/MSU. Oh, but we will get the RRR on ESPN Gameplan which is normally worse than normal SD. I have thought about getting an antenna to try and pick up Alabama ABC channels, but I think I am too far away. The rivalry games should have more pull over the big 10 contract.

  9. Ty Says:

    Any idea how to find out coverage for a specific city that appears on a line? Specifically, Knoxville, TN.

  10. Jim B Says:

    ABC, please extend the NCSU, Va Tech game to B-ham Al. That should be a very good game. There are a lot of ACC fans here plus Al is considered, the “South”. Far more people here would watch that game before watching the Tx vs OK game.

  11. Tom foolery Says:

    Big Ten fans are everywhere. They have large Schools Four in the top ten largest universities in the US. OSU with 50 some thousand, University of Minnesota around 50 thousand, Michigan State with over 45 thousand, and the Penn State with aroud 45 thousand under grad students. So where are all these Grad from these schools? EVERYHERE! Makes sense why ABC has a contract with the Big Ten.

  12. JHetfield99 Says:

    Anybody know why the reverse mirror game is only offered in Standard Def? So for me in Indiana, that means Tex-Okla will only be avail in SD on ESPN-lat 210 on my DirecTV.

    Is it in the reverse mirror contracts that the “non-local” game HAS to be in SD so more people want to watch the local? IS there a way around this or a way to get the reverse-mirror game in Hi-def?

    Can sports bars do so because they show the Gameplan feed?

  13. SpartanTim Says:

    MSU v. UW not the ABC game in Buffalo? Are you kidding me? That means we won’t get the Spartans rolling the Badgers here in Toronto!

    ABC= idiots!

  14. Kaz in Delaware Says:

    Wow, WPVI in Philly really is screwing us. Bad enough we have to watch this inferior Big 10 game, but the SD feed (both ESPN and ABC) is also MSU/Wis. So, no RRR. Thanks a lot ESPN/ABC. Another reason why Philly is the armpit of America.

  15. Brad Says:

    ABC coverage map is not true. There is no Oklahoma-Texas game on ESPN (blocked out on #145 – Dish Network). ABC, I hate it when you give out false information.

  16. matt Says:

    The red river rivalry isn’t available in Indiana on #145 OR ESPN3.com

    This is just wrong

  17. scott Says:

    No red river rivalry coverage on Dish Network here in central ohio. What gives? ESPN SD and HD are blacked out as well as ESPNA on 145.

  18. Bill Says:

    Don’t these geographic nimrods at ABC ESPN know that Poplar Bluff is in Missouri (Missouri is a Big 12 school) ergo there is a lot more interest in Texas/Oklahoma then Wisconsin/Michigan State.
    Standard definition is not carrying the Texas/Oklahoma game as advertised, seems as if ESPN/ABC puts on what they damn well please wherever they please, and screw the fans.

  19. Leighann Says:

    just spoke with dish network, the manager advised us that RRR was pay per view only for ALL dish customers. Guess ABC/ESPN and Dish just trying to make extra money off the fans. Dish did the same thing last week for Texas/UCLA game. We even pay extra for multi sports pack from Dish and still don’t get games that are advertised here in NC. Thanks alot networks, we really appreciate the patronage to your viewers.

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