NCAA Tournament on TruTV HD Channels by Provider

February 18th, 2011 at 3:55 pm by HDSportsGuide | 24 Comments

NCAA Tournament on TruTV HD Channels by Provider

With the changes to the broadcasting deal the NCAA has. The NCAA Tournament will be on TruTV (formerly Court TV) now. At this point I am guessing you have never heard of TruTV, and the first thing you said is where can I find TruTV?. We figured we should get ahead of the curve, and start trying to find where we can get TruTV in HD right now.

TruTV will have select games throughout the tournament including the first four games which are now called the first round. Here is the full NCAA tournament schedule.

If you have a channel to add to this list please leave a comment and I will update it as they come.

Confirmed TruTV HD Channels
Provider Location Channel
Dish Network National 204
DirecTV National 246-1
AT&T U-Verse National 1164
Comcast National Varies
Cablevision All Affiliates 58
Time Warner National Digital HD
Insight Communications Lexington, KY; Columbus, OH 995
Verizon FiOS New York 683

Wikipedia claims that TruTv is available in HD on Cox cable, but I could not find any affiliates that actually carry the channel. Please let me know if there are some that carry it, and I have overlooked them. As of this time Charter and DirecTV and probably many other cable providers do not carry this channel in HD. Here’s to hoping we get some sub channels.

***Update DirecTV tweeted that all the games will be in HD, so no more need for the pitchforks.

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24 Comments for “NCAA Tournament on TruTV HD Channels by Provider”

  1. Matt Says:

    Insight Communications in Lexington, KY and Columbus, OH carry TruTV HD Channels. In both markets it is on channel 995. Hoping that Insight picks up this channel in their Louisville markets before the tourney.

  2. Lance Says:

    I emailed DirecTV to ask if they were going to add an HD feed of TruTV prior to the tourney, or at least carry a separate HD channel for these games…they said no.

  3. Mkultra Says:

    Yeah I’m in Kansas no trutv HD on COX. I just emailed them to ask if they were going to add it in time for 3/15 and they acted like there is no HD feed available to anyone. I promptly fired back with this list but I will be out of luck. What a shame this is the best sporting event of the year and it won’t be all in HD. And it is not just the First Four Tru tv has a ton of the games! Ridiculous

  4. cdg Says:

    It’s unlikely DirecTV will have TruTV by the tourney, but they’re doing their normal grouping of all the HD feeds along with a mix channel in the 700 range. This is probably the best use of bandwidth since Tru has little compelling programming, HD or otherwise, at any other time of year.

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  7. cdg Says:

    Correction to my last post in that it appears that the 13 games on TruTV will NOT be in HD on DirecTV, unfortunately. This according to reliable sources on

  8. CowboySooner Says:

    Now in HD on DirecTv. Great News.

  9. Nate Says:

    Add Charter Wisconsin to the list of TruTV HD carriers; it’ll be on Channel 651.

  10. James Klatt Says:

    TruTV HD has been to the COX lineup in Oklahoma City. It is on channel 710.

  11. John G. Says:

    I guess you can add 246-1 for DirecTV, I think that’s where it was listed when I looked in my program guide yesterday (although doesn’t seem to show up in the guide on their website).

  12. Bryon Says:

    Time Warner in Kansas City does NOT have TruTV in HD. It is channel 47.

  13. Marie Says:

    No TruTV HD in Dayton, OH on TW, and we are hosting the first-round games – not good!!

  14. David Says:

    Tru tv in hd on insight in Louisville, KY on channel 995

  15. David Says:

    It looks exactly the same as channel 53. Does insight know how to put an hd channel on right?

  16. Brant Says:

    TruTV HD is in fact in 995 in Louisville, KY. It is in HD, it is not the same as the regular channel.

  17. CP Says:

    TruTV HD on Cox in Northern Virginia is 895. Not yet listed in their online channel lineup.

  18. BWest Says:

    Just got off the phone with TimeWarner, they do not have the rights to broadcast TruTV in HD. Digital HD channel listed above does not exist.

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  20. Marie Says:

    Time Warner Adds Tru TV HDTV Today – Cincinnati
    Written by jkiesewetter – Cincinnati Enquirer

    THIS JUST IN AT 11:30 A.M. WEDS: Even better news for basketball fans — Time Warner added tru TV in HDTV on Channel 1220 today, so you can see the first-round games from the University of Dayton Arena tonight. Pregame starts at 6 p.m.

  21. Anthony Says:

    TruTV HD is now available on Bright House Networks cable systems(they’re affiliated w/ TWC)
    • Detroit – 249
    • Bakersfield – 1087
    • Orlando/Tampa – 1291
    • Birmingham – 554
    • Indianapolis – 728

  22. Mike Says:

    TW, in Hawaii, no HD for trutv. Normal TW service, poor quality, high cost, limited selection, and double talk. Digital trutv per TW above is not HD, it is digital. Would drop TW in a minute if could find another provider in this condo.

  23. Sean Says:

    TruTV in HD is available on Comcast for people in Seattle at least the eastside aka Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond etc…. on channel 705 for HD.

  24. Owen Says:

    Surewest in Kansas City has analog only on 63

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