@HDSportsGuide Tweets for 2011-02-28

February 28th, 2011 at 8:00 pm by admin | One Comment

  • Just activated my LG Optimus V with @virginmobileus Best deal in wireless in my opinion. Now they just need a phone like the Evo. #
  • Glad to see that The Jimmer's power even extended to the @thejerome10 email I just got. It just lifted my day. #senditin #
  • Poor SWAC RT: @mattsarz: If ESPNMediaZone is right, all conference tournament games on ESPN/2/U will be in HD except SWAC Championship. #
  • Pretty surly about this deal sending Deron Williams to the Nets. That Nets 2011 pick better be unprotected. #
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One Comment for “@HDSportsGuide Tweets for 2011-02-28”

  1. bball Says:

    please update your nba hdtv schedule from espn, lockout is over,and new schedule is out for days!!! http://www.hdsportsguide.com/nba/

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