NFL HD Schedule

The 2009 Season is the second year that all FOX NFL games and CBS NFL games will be produced in high definition. With ESPN, NBC and NFL Network continuing their HD coverage, this will be the second 100% high definition NFL season. Now the only problem is DirecTV charging $99 for access to the HDTV coverage of the games.

It has been 10 years since the first NFL HD game, our our guest blogger Homcom wrote a great post about the History of NFL High Defiinition Coverage.

Below is complete listing of all confirmed NFL regular season high definition broadcasts. We are currently compiling a list of the high definition pre-season games. Please check back for links to regional schedules and DirecTV channel numbers each week.

Sorry, we are not aware of any events that are currently scheduled to be broadcast in HD for this sport.

Check back soon, schedules are updated daily.