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2012 NCAA Tournament Round of 32 Dates and Times

The 2012 NCAA tournament round of 32 times and channels have been announced. After a wild day of upsets we have two (TWO!) 2v15 matchups. CBS has two afternoon exclusive windows in the afternoon. Then the evening will have multiple games at the same time. Round of 32 dates and times DATE TIME (ET) DESCRIPTION […]

NCAA Tournament Announcers by Location First Weekend

Here are the NCAA tournament announcers by location for the first weekend. The most disappointing thing about the whole list is that Gus Johnson is not going to be calling games this year. Of course, Jim Nantz will be calling the Duke games and there no doubt about his Duke homerism after his question to […]

NCAA Tournament Play in Games 2012

The NCAA tournament is stuck at 68 teams for the time being, and that means two play in games on Tuesday and two play in games on Wednesday (I refuse to call it the first round). The Tuesday games include a game that has Western Kentucky who has a losing record, and a game between […]